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About our sizing

She wear footwear is designed around the natural shape of a woman’s foot. We craft our footwear based on a last (aka mould or template) to suit a woman’s foot length and width. The ankle area and metatarsal (top of the foot) are designed, sculpted and shaped to suit a woman’s more slender ankle and foot. 

We do not re-engineer men’s footwear into a female design so if you have been wearing men’s shoes, you will find our styles narrower and firmer (exactly where you need it!). 

We design different uppers to suit different female foot shapes, so even if you have a wider female foot, you’ll find a she wear shoe to suit!

Due to our comprehensive sizing information and the fact we guide you based on over 7 years of customer data and feedback, we receive on average only 4% returns (industry average is 25-30%!).  Please take the time to read through this information .. it really will help you choose!  And remember, we are always here to offer assistance.

If you prefer a cm measurement guide, please click here to email our team for the information.

Each individual product has very specific sizing and fit information, so please read through our expert advice on the product pages.

women's work boots & women's work shoes

Returns permitted *

One thing we have learnt since the she wear story began is that fitting feet is not an exact science! 👩‍🔬

We are all different shapes & sizes, and that includes our feet!! Narrow feet, thicker ankles, high arches, wide toes… all affecting the fit of footwear!  Like any brand, we cannot guarantee sizing and for that reason, we are more than happy to offer returns if your ordered size is not right for you (on full priced products only – sale items are not permitted to be returned).

Prior to purchase, please read through our warranty/returns page so you are fully informed with our returns policy.  When you receive your footwear, if you are unsure about the sizing or fit on your foot, please contact us for advice prior to wearing.  Returns can only be accepted if the product is unworn and in a re-saleable condition (unless faulty).

We are happy to assist at any time, so if you are unsure please contact us and we’ll give you our expert opinion! 

* Returns permitted on full price products only

she wear footwear comparison chart

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Which style is best for me?

Take a look at our PU/rubber and PU/TPU soled ranges (SHE ACHIEVES, SHE DOES, SHE INSPIRES, SHE STRIVES, SHE MOVES).  These are all lightweight with a shock absorbing sole and our super comfy anti-fatigue custom footbeds as standard. 


Our top selling SHE ACHIEVES range also has anti leg and foot fatigue discs inbuilt into the mid sole and is one of the lightest safety boots on the market.

Our work sneaker ranges, SHE NURTURES and SHE CARES, are designed specifically for health professionals, retailers, hospitality workers, educators, hairdressers and busy women on their feet!


These styles have supportive, shock absorbing soles and an anti-fatigue footbed designed to fit the shape and contours of a woman's foot.


Our work footwear is certified as "occupational footwear" and the soles are rated as slip resistant (SRC - to the highest certified standard).  The SHE NURTURES' upper is manufactured with water resistant leather.  The SHE CARES range is manufactured with breathable mesh and is leather free.

We so feel for you!  Due to the support and technology of our footbeds and soles, our footwear gives you support in all the right places!  Our she wear footwear may assist with minimising the pain and discomfort of such foot conditions.  Our footbeds are removable, so all our she wear footwear is orthotic friendly.


If you require safety footwear, we suggest our SHE ACHIEVES zip lace up or SHE DOES hiker cut styles.


If you require a work shoe, look for the SHE CARES or SHE NURTURES sneakers.


Some customer feedback :


• "I have had plantar fasciitis for a good 6 months. I love the arches in my work boots so when I’m wearing them I have no pain. I work 12 hr days." ~ Kerry


• "I suffer from plantar fasciitis and swollen feet and lower legs. I wear she wear boots every day to work as I stand up all day. My feet/legs don't ache after a long day at work on my feet. I have tried all types of shoes over the years but nothing has helped until I found shewear." ~ Kirsten


• "I have 4+5 bulging disc and sciatica in my right leg. My boots help me so much. Wearing my boots has helped a lot to the point I almost have it under control without meds. Your boots are amazing." ~ Diana


• "My she cares sneakers are so comfortable. I can even wear them with the hard ankle brace I need to wear until I have surgery. I have 2 issues with my foot in that I have broken my 5th metatarsal bone and ligament damage in my ankle. These are the only shoes I've been able to have on with the brace and to be able to wear a pair of shoes comfortably is awesome." ~ Karen

Safety ~ Our widest fitting safety boot is the SHE DOES range due to the design of the upper.  We do, however, have customers with wide feet who comfortably wear SHE ACHIEVES, SHE STRIVES and SHE INSPIRES.

Work ~ Our SHE NURTURES and SHE CARES work sneaker ranges are perfect for wide feet, with a wide toe box to assist with all day wear.

Ensure to read the size guide on each individual style. 

We offer returns on full priced items for peace of mind purchasing.

Most styles are suitable for you, however we do recommend to avoid pull on style boots.


We offer returns on full priced items for peace of mind purchasing.

First of all, we'd suggest to check your exact site/company requirements as quite often any certified safety toe cap is suitable (all our safety caps are fully certified).  However if you do require a steel cap, check out SHE DOES, SHE INSPIRES and SHE CAN ranges.

Our SHE ACHIEVES, SHE STRIVES and SHE MOVES are all completely metal free safety footwear.  We produce these styles with a composite cap rather than a steel cap.

Yes!  Our SHE ACHIEVES zip lace up range is super popular with hikers .. extremely lightweight and manufactured with anti leg and foot fatigue discs inbuilt into the mid sole.  This range does have a safety cap however it is composite, and therefore metal free and lightweight.

We understand not everyone wants, needs or can have coloured safety footwear, so we offer several black, brown and wheat options in both our safety and work ranges.

We have many avid gardeners wearing our safety footwear in their gardens and on their properties.  Our leather footwear is manufactured with a water resistant upper, however if your boots are wet on a regular basis, please ensure to spray with a waterproofing spray.  This helps with longevity as wet conditions can be damaging to leather.


Our fashion rubber gum boots are also suitable for the weekend gardeners!

Yes!  Our waterproof fashion gum boots (SHE REIGNS) are manufactured with rubber and our work sneakers (SHE CARES) are produced with a breathable mesh material.

At this stage, we do not manufacture any non leather safety footwear.  We have built several prototypes however as we pride ourselves on quality, we felt the materials currently available aren’t durable enough to handle tough working conditions and our strict quality assurance measures.  Most “vegan leather” is plastic and is actually more harmful to our environment and is also not healthy for feet (eg. non breathable).  We only use gold rated (by product) leather in our manufacturing which ensures a focus on sustainable, ethical practices within the leather industry.

We are closely monitoring advancements in non leather materials and look forward to being able to offer alternatives in the future.

Workwear sizing

As we stock several workwear brands, sizing information and guide and our own personal size suggestions can be found on the individual products.

We only stock women’s fit workwear .. we don’t believe in “unisex” or men’s fit for women! And there is no reason why you should accept incorrectly fitting workwear!

If you require any assistance with workwear sizing, please contact us here.

If an item states “special order item”, we can very easily process a phone/email order (turn around is approx 1 week).

If we don’t have your size available on our website on our standard products, please contact us to place an order.

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