Work & Everyday Shoes

Women's work shoes and everyday fashion shoes designed by women, to fit properly and safely.

She wear is a shoe brand that is good for your feet, especially if you are on your feet all day, or if you are standing for long hours on concrete or other hard surfaces. Our women’s work shoes are carefully crafted, layer-by-layer, to ensure your feet, legs and back are supported and comfortable for the whole day. Our ladies work shoes are also designed by women (right here in Australia!), specifically to cradle the unique contours of a female foot - which is very different to a man’s foot, shoe size and fit.  These shoes are even perfect as girl's school shoes as our leather shoes are comfortable and supportive underfoot.

She wear styles are so amazing, they are recommended by nurses (and other healthcare workers) and are well-known as the best shoes for aged care workers. Similarly, she wear womens work shoes are highly rated by hospitality workers, baristas and waitresses. In health and hospitality it’s important to wear women’s non slip work shoes, with waterproof uppers, superior arch support and shock absorbing soles - all of which are included in the she wear work shoe range. Our extra cushioned, anti-fatigue, supportive work shoes for women are also favoured by teachers and childcare workers, plus they are amongst the best shoes for hairdressers and retail workers.

She wear goes the extra mile to ensure you’re not only super supported, but also stylish at work. Alongside classic black leather work shoes, there are coloured options with pizazz! Shopping for ladies work shoes online is simple and secure with she wear’s FREE shipping over $100 and FREE returns within Australia.