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How to find my shoe size?

We want you to be comfy, and comfort comes with the right style, fit and size! 

We have fit thousands of female feet correctly and have learnt a thing or 2 about shoes over the years, so please read through our comprehensive guide which will help you choose the best size .. and style for you. ♥


Better fit, better you

We're reinventing *good* in women's shoes, meaning supportive, stylish, functional options that fit a female foot properly. We’re setting this new benchmark, because current options ain’t all that.

And we think you deserve better.

woman in she wear she does black ladies work boots

Size me up right!

The best way to know what she wear size you are is by taking a look at the sizes of your current footwear and if that size is consistent, you'll more than likely be that size in our footwear.   We offer our sizes in AU/US (Australia/US) and EU (European sizing). If you're in the UK, sizes are down 2 (eg. AU7/EU38 = UK5).

Our footwear is based on a very traditional sizing model, however we do know sizing can be inconsistent with different brands.  We have very thorough fit explanations on each style (eg. good for wide feet, go up a size etc), so we suggest to read through the "Size and Fit" tab on the individual products.

Traditionally quoted widths, like B or C, can be very misleading, as width can be manipulated with considered design features .. so we don't quote those traditional width guides. We actually design different ranges to cater for different foot types, and this is also why we don't do half sizes (another shoe myth)!  Look at the "Size and Fit" tab for width info and feel free to reach out to our team for advice!

If you're still unsure, you can also measure your foot comparing against our size guide (vid below). Otherwise, please reach out to our Customer Support team, as we are foot experts and here to help!!


Good to know

Coz of the whole man’s fit thing, you’ve most likely been wearing ill-fitting work shoes. This means our she wear shoes can feel very different when you first try them on. It’s because they’re designed to suit a female’s narrower foot, higher arches, and more slender heel and ankle. In particular, you’ll often feel a much firmer fit around your heel and ankle. This is actually a great thing, because it means you’ll have better foot and lower limb alignment, and overall superior support and stability, both on the job and for long-term body health.


she wear size guide

Pro tips and helpful info: 

• It's best to measure up in the afternoon or evening, as your feet swell during the day.
• Some tape measures or rulers have a small gap before the zero point, so make sure to position the zero point against the wall when taking your measurements.
• Use your cm calculation along with the sizing information found on the Size & Fit tab on the product you are looking to purchase.
• We offer a LOT of info on sizings and fit suggestions and due to this we only have a very small percentage of returns (only 7%, where industry average is over 25%!).  By taking the extra 5 mins to read through the complete size guide and Size & Fit tab, it really will help you choose the best size for you.
• As we all have very different foot shapes, sizings cannot be guaranteed.  We do offer 30 day returns on all full priced footwear for peace of mind purchasing!

Measuring your foot length is quick and easy to do - just follow the steps on our video. Then simply match your length measurement to our size guide below.

Pro tips: It's best to measure up in the afternoon or evening, as your feet swell during the day.

Some tape measures or rulers have a small gap before the zero point, so position the zero point against the wall when taking your measurements!


she wear size guide

Make sure to check your other shoes sizes and if you are consistently one size, that's more than likely your she wear size!

If you have one foot that is longer than the other, use the longest foot to choose your size.

Don’t wear socks while measuring up or add any extra “room” to your measurements.  

We design different styles to suit different foot types, so please read through the full Size & Fit info on the product you are looking to purchase.

UK size is also the same as men's sizing, so if you only have men's shoes in your wardrobe, refer to the UK column.

Foot length
AU/US sizeEU sizeUK size

“Sizings cannot be guaranteed

Wide or narrow feet? We've got you! Our ranges are designed to include styles which suit different foot types. You can find detailed width fit info on each product page - just have a squiz in the Size & Fit tab. Some handy general tips are also listed below.

women wearing she achieves wheat, wide feet fit tips


Wide feet fit tips

Ignore suggestions that your wider profile is better suited to man’s shoes - a male (or unisex) shoe will not provide a proper female fit, especially for your heels, ankles or arches.

If laced shoes are tight across the widest part of your foot, just skip some eyelets in that area when lacing up (like in the pic!). The shoe won’t be pulled as tightly across this area. View loads of clever lacing methods here.

If you prefer more flexibility around your ankle or you have wider ankles, you can untie the top 1 or 2 eyelets. Just ensure you lace tightly under this to ensure your ankle and heel stay in place (and you don’t have heel slippage). Also check your site regs!

We have designed our footwear with clever hidden depth to cater for our extra lush deluxe footbeds (which taper up to 1.5cm thick in the heel area).  If you are needing a little extra space (particularly across the widest part of your foot, or your toes), the custom insoles can be easily removed and replaced with a thinner insole until your footwear "gives" with wear.


Shoes for wider feet

mail lady wearing she does black carrying mail


She Does

Our widest fitting safety boot

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women wearing she achieves red, working in a construction site


She Achieves

Side zip for wider foot access

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nurse wearing she nurtures


She Nurtures

Built with a wider upper design

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wide fit lifestyle boot


She Explores

Built with a wider toe box

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Fit tips for narrow feet or ankles

Narrow feet or ankles suit laced shoes, as the laces can be adjusted for a tighter fit. Meanwhile, a pull-on style is your frenemy, as you can't adjust the fit.

Did you know there are also different ways to lace a shoe to create a tighter fit for narrow feet/ankles?! View all the clever options here.

Socks will make a difference with the fit of your footwear - so experiment with what feels right for you.  And remember, always wear a quality sock manufactured from materials such as organic bamboo - a much healthier choice for all day wear!

Most she wear styles are suitable for you, minus the pull on boots.

women wearing she achieves purple, fit tips for narrow feet or ankles

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