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How do I know my size? Do you have a Size Guide?

Many other shoe brands design their fit on a man’s foot mould - even the ladies sizes! Research also shows women often wear a size too small for their foot (probably because we’re trying to compensate for the men’s fit - ugh!). Also things like age, pregnancy and menopause can impact on your shoe size.

As a general rule most women find that their she wear size is similar to their everyday women's shoe size eg. heels, sandals, sneakers. Our main aim is to get you super comfy and supported in your she wears, so we recommend checking a variety of your shoes for their sizing and then checking back to the product you're looking to purchase. We provide very detailed sizing information on each product page to help you find the best style and fit for you (such as wide foot, narrow ankles, high arches) - just check the Size & Fit tab at the bottom of the product page.

If you're still unsure, measure your feet as per the instructions on our Size Guide or reach out to our Customer Support team who are fit experts!  Please note, various international size comparisons are also provided on the size guide.

Due to the comprehensive information on our site and the fact our shoes are generally true to size, we average just 5% returns (industry average is 25-30%!!).  However for your peace of mind,  we offer 30 day returns for Australian purchases and 45 Day Returns for international purchases.  So if something isn’t quite right for you, you can opt for a different size or refund.* 

Do your shoes have support, like for my arches? 

We’re on a mission to reinvent *good* in women’s shoes. So our footwear range is built on 4 key considerations, which we believe are your fundamental stride rights:

1.Made specifically for women’s feet
2.Made for ALL day wear
3.Made for function AND fashion
4.Made with certified goodness (independently tested and certified)

Additionally, the majority of our shoes are crafted with 3 complex layers of support (learn more Inside a she wear Shoe), including:

1. A custom designed signature bio mechanical inner sole (footbed) to cradle your heel and arch plus with a built in metatarsal dome. It’s also shaped to provide better lower limb alignment.
2. A midsole built to lessen foot fatigue, cushion against impact, and to resist shoe over-flex.
3. An outsole made from fit-for-purpose materials with great traction, slip resistance and other properties such as heat resistance.

Why don't you have half sizes?

Half sizes are a little bit of a myth!  It is purely a width change, and even though a pair of socks can change the fit of your shoes by half a size, we go that one step further and actually design shoes for different female foot widths - we don't believe in a "one style suits all" approach.  So you can choose a style that suits a narrow-average foot, or a style that suits a wider foot.  Clever huh! ;) 

Our product pages have considerable information on sizing and fit (just refer the tabs at the bottom of the page).

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Face-to-face expert advice

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Video chat with one of our friendly fit experts who will offer style and size advice for shoes and workwear  - personalised just for you, no matter where you are! If you are usually in-between sizes, have foot health issues, need to know standards compliance, or just like to know your full range of options, we can demonstrate the perks of different styles to find the comfiest fit for you.

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