Virtual fittings with video call

Face-to-face expert advice, without leaving home or work. YAY!

Video chat with one of our friendly fit experts who will offer style and size advice for shoes and workwear  - personalised just for you, no matter where you are! If you are usually in-between sizes, have foot health issues, need to know standards compliance, or just like to know your full range of options, we can demonstrate the perks of different styles to find the comfiest fit for you.


Whip out the tape measure

Get the very most out of your video chat with us by doing a little prep work beforehand. We promise it'll be quick and easy.

For shoes

Knowing your foot length measurement, and your everyday size (in sandals) will really help us with sizing you for the comfiest fit. Check our tips to measure your foot correctly.

For workwear

If you already have workwear or casual clothes that fit you well, grab them out and have a tape measure handy for the video chat.


How it works

1. Choose a suitable time from the calendar schedule below

2. Tell us what you require by completing the online form so we can prepare for our online chat

3.  An instant confirmation will be emailed to you with a calendar invite and a link to the Google Meet appointment

4.  Save to your calendar and just prior to your appointment time, click on the Google Meet link… and we’ll meet you there! 

Important stuff

If joining the video call from your computer you don't need a Gmail email address. But, if joining from a mobile device, you will need a Gmail email address.