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The New Kick on the Block

You're on your feet all day, for days on end. And those "cushy, cloud-like" sneakers you're wearing - they're actually built for short bursts of activity (and replacement every few months). *Aha moment*

Yep, there's thousands of women just like you, missing out on all-day, long-term support. So we built a sneaker to transform your whole day...and your whole life. Literally.


Womens navy leather sneakers for work

She Supports Navy

The all-rounder perfect for work or play!

Let me see!

Womes white sneakers leather

She Supports White

Everyone's fave wardrobe staple.

I need it!

Ladies Black leather work shoes

She Supports Black

Classic for on duty or off!

I want them!

Your work week just got better-er

We're reinventing *GOOD* for women at work - meaning supportive, stylish and safe work gear, specifically designed for a proper female fit.

We're setting this new benchmark, because current options ain't all that.
And we think you deserve better.