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Pimp your stride

True beauty radiates from within. And our shoes are no exception. The inner layers are crammed with stabilising, shock absorbing, anti fatigue materials to support your feet (and whole body) through an ALL DAY grind. Every day. For lots of days.

Peer inside and you'll discover a powerhouse of advanced materials - a unique combo of supportive midsoles, durable and shock absorbing outsoles and custom crafted bio mechanical, contoured footbeds. It all sounds a bit technical, but it's our (not-so secret) ingredient to how we've reinvented *GOOD* in women's functional shoes.

Basically our midsoles and outsoles offer supreme comfort, all day shock absorption and extreme support .. and it's not something that many other shoe brands do. But don’t just take our word for it. 


I suffer from plantar fasciitis and swollen feet and lower legs. I wear she wear boots every day to work as I stand up all day. My feet/legs don’t ache after a long day at work on my feet. I have tried all types of shoes over the years but nothing has helped until I found she wear.

 ~ Kristen

My she wear sneakers are so comfortable. I have 2 issues with my foot, in that I have broken my 5th metatarsal bone and ligament damage in my ankle. These are the only shoes I’ve been able to have on with the brace and to be able to wear a pair of shoes comfortably is awesome.

~ Karen


Footbeds crammed with supportive goodness

Tech term


What you might call it

Inner sole, Insole, Insock


Signature bio mechanical footbed custom crafted especially by us to create a foundation for happy feet and excellent alignment in your lower limbs!

  • Contoured for the shape of a female foot with good arch support and a cradled heel for support and balance
  • Inbuilt metatarsal dome to help reduce plantar pressure under the metatarsal heads associated with forefoot pain
  • Breathable topper to keep feet cool and dry with air circulation holes
  • Decreases impact and stress from standing/walking for long periods on hard floors
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of common women’s foot health problems like bunions, calluses, corns, and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot pain if you already suffer from lower limb problems or arthritis
she does navy pulling out inner sole

We're not just about stylish functional shoes .. we're all about the science of happy feet!

We understand that men and women's feet are anatomically different, and that's why we've poured our expertise into designing bio mechanical footwear that truly caters to your unique needs.

Bio mechanical footwear takes into account the natural movement and alignment of your feet and body. Our shoes are engineered to promote correct body alignment, ensuring that you can walk, stand and conquer your day without discomfort or pain. 

Nitty gritty good stuff

  • Breathable mesh overlay with airflow perforations and 4mm foam topper for comfort
  • Built in metatarsal dome redistributes pressure in the forefoot and reduces stress on the ball of the foot
  • PU (Polyurethane) main structure which won’t flatten out, meaning you’ll receive continual ALL DAY support. Other brands use thin foam materials which flatten under pressure - boo!
  • Underfoot gel inserts at the heel and ball of the foot assists with shock absorption and foot/leg fatigue
  • Considered arch support assists with foot, ankle and lower limb alignment
  • Cradled heel provides support, stability and balance (and may reduce pain from heel related issues eg heel spurs, plantar fasciitis)
  • Adds a big whack of anti static goodness to your shoe (certain styles only, as per product pages)
she wear premium inner sole


Shock absorbing midsoles

Tech term


What you might call it

The bit in the middle part of the shoe


  • We only use high density, quality materials which won’t compress or flatten with wear - translation: long wearing support and excellent for overall foot/body health
  • Shock absorbing to lessen leg and foot fatigue
  • Resists shoe over flex - shoes which are too flexible make your feet work harder, and they get super tired, really quickly
  • The Achieves and Pursues women’s safety boot ranges also have additional Poron anti fatigue gel discs built into the midsole for extra comfort and support
woman wearing she achieves wheat

Our mighty midsoles puts the real razzle dazzle in your step. It’s also a major reason why she wear out muscles most other shoes used for work or play.

One of our "secret sauces" is that our midsoles are made from power-performing materials, which keep you supported for long hours on your feet. And they won't flatten or compress with wear - that means all day comfort every day, over and over and over again!

Nitty gritty good stuff

Lots of other work, sports and sneaker brands build their midsoles with foam. At first, a foam soled shoe feels a lot like a marshmallow - supremely pillowy, soft and flexi. But like a marshmallow, foam will flatten under sustained pressure, meaning less support for you. So while a mushy marshmallow make a nice short-term snack, you need a mighty good quality meal to see you through a long day.

We do use EVA in some of our fashion shoes. However, we always use the best quality, highest density EVA available, for maximum lasting support (vs other brands who choose cheaper, less dense EVA). Our more dense EVA is slightly heavier than what you'll find in the lightweight shoes - but it's DEFINITELY worth it - in terms of shoe longevity and all day comfort.

she achieves purple


Small things make a world of difference

When the boss splashes out on surprise donuts, you feel a bit spesh. It’s not so much the delicious sugar-puff itself, but the fact that small things at work can really make a difference to your day. And while we don’t cater for sneaky donuts, we do care for shoe details that help long days feel short.

woman sitting down wearing she inspires pink

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