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Name : Laani McFarland

Role : Drainlayer apprentice, Dempsey Wood Civil New Zealand

Location : Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I love most about my trade! With drainlaying, I get to visit different sites….no day is the same. I take pride showing my 3 children what mum has helped build. I hope in the future they drive past my sites and say “look over there your grandmother did the drainage for that or helped build that bridge”.

How did you get to where you are now?

I jumped from being a hairdresser of 25 years to construction. I left hairdressing because I needed a change.

I took a short course in civil infrastructure, went and got my WTR licenses and submitted my CV and enthusiastic cover letters to the companies that supported ladies into the trade. I started as a labourer, quickly moving into an operator for the summer. Winter quickly arrived and one of the drain layer labourers stopped turning up so I took the initiative to ask if I could help … and haven’t left since!

Do you have a favourite saying or quote? :

You don’t have to be GREAT to start … but you do have to START in order to be GREAT!!

What advice would you give to women? :

Do it now! Don’t wait for others to deter your decision. Find other strong woman in the industry for support. Find companies that have a strong support system for our ladies.

Any feedback or comments about your she wears :

Colours are amazing. They are for sure my favourite most comfortable boots quite the conversation starter with my male counterparts. I’m sure they are jealous and secretly want some!

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We love Laani’s tenacity and determination to move from hairdressing of 25 years into a new career in construction! Well done Laani – you are an absolute role model for women in any industry who are desiring a career change!

Follow Laani’s construction journey on Insta ~ Digger Chicks NZ 👷‍♀️

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