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The she wear shoe difference

Women are busy. But while we’re getting $h!t done, we’re usually not wearing the right shoes (hello foot, leg and back pain. *sad face). It’s just that good shoes and boots are like unicorns - supremely difficult to find. Enter she wear.

Basically we’re on a mission to reinvent *good* for women in footwear - meaning supportive, stylish and certified options crafted especially for female feet, that stand up to a full day of wear whether you're hard at work, or enjoying a day off. We’re setting this new benchmark, because current options ain’t all that. And we think you deserve better.


Your rights at work

Our women’s boots and shoes are created on what we believe are your fundamental stride rights.

Our range is designed around 4 key considerations which ensure you have the most comfortable work shoes for long, hard days on your feet.


1. Made specifically for women

Many shoes and boots worn by women are not really made for us at all. Sry, wot? Yep, correct reaction.

Basically, big (and small) brands in the safety boot, sports shoe and sneaker market often make their shoes based on a men’s foot mould - even shoes in their women’s range. The problem is, women’s feet are very different to men’s feet, and not just in size. Wearing shoes designed for men means we risk our safety, comfort and foot health - capital BOO. That’s why she wear stepped in and created shoes specifically for women’s feet. Because we shouldn’t have to compromise our health and safety. Duh.

What OTHERS do

Put a men’s fit first.

Sports shoes, sneakers and work boots were historically worn by men, so were designed (by men) based on a male foot mould, or "last". When women increasingly started wearing these types of shoes, smaller “female” sizes were made, yet the designs remained based on a men’s foot mould, or even worse .. called "unisex" which btw doesn't exist - it's still mens!  Marketing at its finest! This all stemmed from the idea that our lady feet were just smaller versions of men’s feet.

While science has since called BS on that, the industry has been slow to change, so we’re still often stuck wearing work shoes made for a man’s fit.

What WE do

Women designing only for women.

Yup, it’s totally unfair that women aren’t properly catered for in work boots and shoes. But instead of just channelling Karen energy and complaining, we got busy changing the game.

First we hunted down a female foot last, then set about meticulously crafting our shoes, layer-by-layer, on this last. The result is our considered collection of women's work shoes, purpose-built to support female foot contours - to cuddle our more slender ankles, cradle our narrower heels and cushion our higher arches.


2. Made with certified goodness

To say we’re obsessed with quality, safety and support is an understatement. That’s why we turn to independent, third party certification company, the BSI Group, to ensure our designs are 100% tip top. Our safety and work shoe ranges are all tested, certified and regularly audited by BSI to comply with AU standards. And like the proud over-achievers we are, we actually exceed the standard in many instances.

Another benefit which is sure to put a spring in your step - our certified work shoes may be tax deductible if your job requires specific occupational footwear. (Always double check with your accountant though - we’re shoe experts, not tax wizards.)

Even our lifestyle shoes, boots and slides are slip tested! 

What OTHERS do

Rely on marketing malarkey (“Try our new Wizardarysolesoft® technology”) to appear more trustworthy; or paid endorsements with health associations. 

The shoe industry is pretty good at crafting up a solid sounding slogan. Brands often release stuff like TriTough Support Topper™ - it sounds a bit technical, and it’s trademarked, so it must be trustworthy, right? Wrong. Fling open the STAFF ONLY door, and you’ll find a team of marketing geniuses concocting clever catchphrases to have us believing we’re making good choices. Very rarely are these claims certified or independently assessed for validity.

Meanwhile, endorsements by physio and podiatry associations are typically paid for and not an independent certification with proper testing.

What WE do

Offer independent certification at the highest level, because health and safety ain’t something to BS about.

We don’t rely on silly slogans coz we’ve got the certification to support our science-backed designs. The BSI Group certifies our safety range as compliant with Australian standards AS 2210.3:2019 and our work range is certified to the occupational footwear standard, AS 2210.5:2019. Certain ranges are also certified to US standards. Similarly most of our slip resistant shoes are rated at the highest SRC level.


3. Made for all day wear

What do you do when you can’t find a good women’s work shoe? Reach for a sports shoe or a good lookin’ sneaker instead. But while their flexi softness is as tempting as a lunchtime donut, sports and fashion sneakers are designed for short term activity, not long hours on your feet. And like all good friends, we’re here to help you make healthier choices. Put down the sports wear, pick up the she wear (ok...and the donut). Future you will be kissing the ground you’ve walked on, all through those nasty 12hour shifts..

What OTHERS do

Use materials that leave your tootsies tired half-way through the day.

Lots of shoes that women use for work have midsoles (and inner soles, plus sometimes outsoles) made with lightweight, low density, foamy stuff called EVA. While flexible and super pillowy at first feel, the airy EVA cushioning actually flattens over time, meaning your ride quickly becomes less supportive (translation: aching feet, legs and back - UGH!).

Meanwhile, flexi doesn’t equal fabulous. Shoes that are made with really bendy materials actually force your feet to work harder to keep your shoes on. This means the arches and balls of your feet get pretty exhausted.

What WE do

We choose superior quality materials that are proven to keep you comfy and supported for a FULL day on your feet.

The hidden layers of all our work shoes are crammed with science-based amazingness to support your feet (and whole body). Most of our midsoles are crafted with comfy, lightweight PU (polyurethane). Like a good bestie, PU offers amazing support and won’t flake out on you when times get tough. It’s a resilient, higher density material which doesn’t compress like EVA, or allow over-flex (translation: big wins for foot and full body health - YAY!). The PU goodness continues in our inner soles. Read more about the technology in our shoes (don’t worry - we’ve made it fun!). 


4. Made for function & fashion

We’re very partial to an F-word. Functional, fit for purpose footwear (try saying that 3 times fast!). We’re fanatical about it, because from farmers to FIFOs, tradies to teachers, mums to miners, and hairdressers to health professionals, work shoes have to fulfil ALOT of different needs. That’s why choice is important - your shoes have to suit your use. And while you need function, you want fashion. Girl, same! We get it, coz we’re women too. We’ll never ask you to choose between the two, because she wear designers are clever and can do both, equally well.

What OTHERS do

Put men's fit, or fashion, first. 

Yep, for women, the work shoe struggle is real. If you want women’s safety boots, the range of true female-fit options are teeny-tiny. Most brands offer just one or two “ladies” style’s (and they’re usually based on a man’s fit - ugh! That’s putting our health and safety at risk). Meanwhile, women’s work shoes might look schmick, but if you’re looking for a shoe to properly support a FULL day on your feet, EVERY day, for LOTS of days....ummm, is that a unicorn? 

What WE do

We have effing good priorities - Functional, Fit for purpose, for Females and Fashionable.

Every design is super-charged with substance and style, so that you can find a good lookin’ shoe that also suits your industry or end use.

When it comes to fashion, we can match your personality (#pinkbootcrew), or keep the uniform police onside with classic designs. Our range also transitions you from work to weekend and whatever in-between. Hashtagable choices that you can take from your shift to the street. You’re welcome!

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