Featuring .. Elisabeth

Name : Elisabeth Kingman

Role : “Garden Girl”

Location : Mornington Peninsula, Victoria 🇦🇺

From Elisabeth’s website :

“Hi, I’m Elisabeth Kingman aka Garden Girl! I’m a self taught home gardener, working girl, busy mum of two and wife to a musician. I spend every spare minute in my suburban garden on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula pottering away to create an environment that’s attractive, low maintenance and relaxed. I created Garden Girl for all like-minded home garden lovers who are happy tinkering away no matter if their garden’s a suburban backyard, hobby farm or a city balcony. I appreciate how time poor we seem to be so I hope you find confidence and inspiration here to get the most pleasure from your gardens whenever you can. My garden is my escape. It’s peaceful, therapeutic and physically good for me.”

What do you do? :

I love spending every spare moment in my garden on the Mornington Peninsula and have created Garden Girl, a garden blog which focuses on my day to day activity as I strive to build a relaxed, attractive and low maintenance garden. The Garden Girl blog features short videos that cover everything from hydrangea pruning and possum proofing through to plant based crafts like wreath making with the occasional visit to garden destinations.

What do you enjoy about your garden?

My garden is my escape from the mad pace of life. It’s peaceful, it’s therapeutic and physically rewarding too. I wanted to share all the benefits of having a garden with others, to encourage and hopefully inspire them to get the most pleasure from their gardens whenever they can whether it be a suburban backyard, city balcony or hobby farm.

How did you get to where you are now?

I’ve always loved gardening so all we had to do was mix my husband, Brett’s YouTube experience with my skills and Garden Girl was born!

Has your business been spotlighted, or received recognition?

I am now lucky enough to have support from the Whites Group and Neutrog, both leading garden supply companies and have had some TV interest.

What advice would you give to women? :

If you have a passion be prepared to put in the hard yards to achieve the goals you seek.

Tell us a funny story about your role or an amusing experience you’ve had :

I like to think I make it look easy on the videos, but it’s not always. Here’s proof!

Link: You Tube (we love a good Bloopers reel – she wear ed x)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We absolutely love stories of women who are pursuing their passion and sharing that passion with others ♥

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Thank you Elisabeth! 🏡🍃 x

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