The Adapt Pack

The complimentary Adapt Pack, included with every pair of She Supports, is loaded with options to transform your look, comfort and fit. It'll get you comfy .. and keep you comfy, from the get-go!

Introducing your smart little bag of tricks.

Included in the Adapt pack are:

  • A 2nd set of (thinner) inner soles to tweak your fit, or for a wider fitting option
  • No-tie elastic laces (hello instant slip ons!)
  • A pack of gel spot comfort pads and heel grips

White no-tie laces are provided for the navy and white She Supports. Black no-tie laces are provided for the black She Supports.


Switch up your inner soles

she wear thick comfortable inner soles

The Deluxe Inner is our custom-crafted inner sole already fitted inside the She Supports. It's our heavenly hero of inner soles, and helps to create the signature she wear experience - superior comfort support and contouring.

she wear thin comfortable inner soles

The thinner Premium Inner sole found inside the Adapt Pack is an alternative to the Deluxe Inner. This footbed can be used in a couple of ways to get the right fit in your kicks and is perfect for a wider foot.

While wearing in

As a natural high quality material, the She Supports leather will give a little and mould to your foot over the first few wears. If you feel the shoes are a little too firm at first wear (particularly over the top of the foot), slip out the Deluxe (thicker) footbed and replace with the Premium (thinner) insole.   

Our shoes are designed with clever internal hidden depth, so this will give you some extra space whilst you wear in your new shoes and the leather "relaxes". 

For wider feet

If you have a wider foot or have some foot concerns such as bunions, you can easily remove the Deluxe inner and replace with the thinner Premium footbed found inside the Adapt Pack. 

Due to the clever hidden depth in our shoes, you will find considerable more space in the shoe .. however you'll still feel comfy and supported underfoot.

Orthotic friendly

As our footbeds are fully removable, you can also use your own custom orthotic.

Depending on the thickness of your orthotic, just remove the Deluxe inner and slip your orthotic inside, or use the Premium thinner inner along with your orthotic.  See what works best for you!

For the long term 

After the initial wear-in, you may feel like the Premium inner sole is your best long-term option. And if you're comfy, we're tickled pink.

The Premium is a leap above "standard" inner soles found in most other sneakers. Crafted with dense, high quality memory foam, and carefully contoured for a female foot, you're already winning. Then factor in other benefits like the cradled heel which provides support, stability and balance and don't forget the cleverly sculpted arch support which helps improve foot, ankle and lower limb alignment. 

The hidden inner depth inside the She Supports means you can also use your own custom orthotic. Just remove the Deluxe Inner and slip your orthotic inside!


Choose your look

Mix and match your look, with two lots of lace options. Our no-tie elastic laces in a complimentary colourway means converting your She Supports to slip ons is a cinch! The handy video steps you through the quick and easy change-up.

Once converted, slip ons can be tempting to kick off. This will damage the elastic of the no-tie lace, and the integrity of your shoe. Plus it voids your warranty. So it's great habit to remove your shoes with your hands instead.

If you're using your She Supports for long days at work, we suggest sticking with conventional laces so you can create a really firm fit. Or just make sure to regularly tighten those no-tie laces!


Ahhhh, gel pad goodness

Gel heel grips

Perfect if your shoe is slipping a little, or if you like extra padding for a narrow heel. Just whip off the backing, and apply firmly inside the heel of each shoe. If you need to trim the pad to size, do it before you remove the backing.  

Gel spot comfort pads

When first wearing your She Supports, take notice of any hot areas on your feet, as this may be where you'll experience a little friction. To reduce rubbing issues, the sticky gel spots can be applied to problem areas inside your shoe. If you need to trim the pad to size, do it before you remove the backing.