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We're putting the WOW in work for women

Women need (and deserve) great work and safety gear - but our choices are severely limited. The stuff that's commonly available is usually made for men, doesn't fit us correctly and frankly isn't as safe or supportive as it needs to be. *sigh

So we decided to shake things up, and reinvent *good* for women at work. Woo! Greater options, better fit and superior safety all in the one space, made especially for females.  And better still, a FUN place for ALL women, regardless of size, age, ethnicity, ability, identity or sexuality.


It all began with a nail through a foot

On a building site, redeveloping a property, our fearless founder met a nail the nasty way. Once her puncture was patched, Stacey set out to find a supportive women's safety boot. *Cue tumbleweed.

The only options were heavy, ill-fitting "unisex" (translation: men's) boots, with zilch personality. Fast forward two years, and the first ever she wear safety boots rolled out of the factory into the waiting arms of joyous working women everywhere. It was a hallmark moment - the first and only AU female owned and led biz to offer fun coloured work boots, designed by women specifically for women.

A mere four months after the first boots launched, the revolution was cemented when they became the female safety boot of choice on The Block television series.

Nine years on, Stacey remains hard at work designing women's super safe, ultra supportive work shoes, and now for all industries. The designs have progressed dramatically since the first boot - Stacey's steadfast determination to utilise cutting-edge techniques, new material advancements and fashion projections has continually elevated our shoe technology and style. She wear itself has also evolved - expanding our female-fit options to work gear, PPE and accessories.

But behind all of our advancements remains the same motivation  - fed up with the lack of readily available choice for working women, we're laser-focused on creating a dedicated space to normalise women's work gear.


Our values

Florence IWIMRA

For respect, diversity & inclusivity

Most women have experienced the gender imbalance. So we know what it's like to feel excluded, overlooked and undervalued.  We think it's pretty darn 💩 and vowed no one would feel excluded on our watch.

We've been championing women since day dot. In fact, the very idea for she wear came on the back of real women struggles, and was built on giving women choice and representation in a market that had practically forgotten us. We're here to normalise women's work gear - every female deserves choice, safety and the right to look and feel fab, whatever she's doing. We proudly launched seven years ago showcasing females from all walks of life getting $h!t done. And it's still the same today. All women you see here are cast from real life, of every age, size, ethnicity, identity, ability and sexuality. They represent those making their mark in "non-traditional" industries, or working bloody hard in "traditional" spaces.

We're transparent about our own business journey, to help and hopefully inspire other women to chase their chances. We support female-focused charities. We share stories on our blog series "In Her Shoes" of incredible women and their tenacity, resilience and dedication. Our ethos is to encourage, equip and inspire you to be exactly what you want to be. 

We embrace the authentic. We celebrate you, the way you are. This is your space.

For amazing customer service

We are on a mission to ensure women have easy access to comfortable, supportive work and everyday shoes, and correctly fitting workwear and PPE!  Body health starts with the feet and our customer support team are here with you every step of the way!

We've made a conscious decision to be a predominantly "direct to customer" online business, and this ensures we offer you the very best products - best suited to you!  There is no "one style fits all" approach and we are firm believers in offering women choice - choice in style, colour and inclusive sizings.  That's why we also offer FREE Aussie delivery (on orders over $150) and 30 day EASY returns for peace of mind purchasing (FREE Aussie exchanges!).  If you are one of our international friends, we offer competitive express international shipping rates.

Our knowledgeable, trained fit experts are here to help and are available via email, phone or chat.  We also offer virtual fitting appointments so our team can offer you personalised advice, tailored to your individual needs .. without the need to even leave your home or office!

If you are Brissie based, why not drop into our Northgate showroom where we showcase our entire range!  Showroom opening hours can be found here.  We also do have a small number of carefully selected stockists who will assist you with your footwear needs.

As a small business, we really want you happy and comfy .. so our friendly team is here to help!

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Amazing customer service
recycled materials used in our packaging

For ethical supply & sustainability

Our shoes are custom designed in Oz, and carefully crafted in international factories specifically selected for their fair work and ethical practices. This ensures staff have safe and fair working conditions, respectful management, and receive above average wages.

Throughout our manufacturing processes we always choose, where we can, superior materials with the least environmental impacts like responsibly sourced and certified Gold Rated leather and OEKO-TEX® certified organic bamboo.

We're focused on reducing supply chain wastage, recycling wherever possible and greenifying our processes to minimise our footprint. Nearly all of our satchels and packaging is made from recycled materials and we re-use, re-purpose or recycle all packaging that comes into our HQ (that's why you might just get some random vacuum cleaner box as your packaging ha).

We’re also keeping a very close eye on sustainable material advancements that will comply with strict global compliance policies because your safety is our utmost priority .. and we need to ensure our footwear is up to the task.

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For community

Using our voice and our resources to create real change, through direct donations or charity partnerships, is something we’re super proud of. We love being part of the collective movement for the better. 

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Our customers are our mates

From the day we started, we've been listening, learning and loving your feedback. Frankly, you've only got yourselves to thank for the fabulous footwear - you've encouraged us and kept us evolving. From the honest, transparent two-way dialogue, a wonderful mateship has developed - and continues to draw thousands of new friends from across the globe. 

This unique customer relationship is one that we cherish. And it's why our team is filled with very helpful humans super keen to get you fitted in great gear. We're here to empower you to be your very best at work, just as you keep empowering us to be the very best at our work.  

Ahem. Just some awards. No biggie.



Women in Industry Awards

• Excellence in Manufacturing - Finalist



National Retail Association Awards

• Small Online Retailer of the Year - Finalist


Housing Industry Association (HIA)Building Women Qld Awards

• Achievement in Manufacturing and Supply - Winner

• Professional Woman of the Year - Winner


Women in Fashion

• Fashion Innovation Award - Winner


Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAs)

• Online Retail Industry Awards - Finalist


Remodista Women To Watch Awards

• 2018 Global Innovation - Winner

• 2018 Honouree

2018 & 2015

Brisbane Lord Mayor Business Awards

• 2018 Finalist

• 2015 Finalist

2017, 2016 & 2015

Anthill Cool Company Awards

• 2017 TOP 3

• 2016 TOP 3

• 2015 TOP 3


Australian Small Business Champion Awards

• 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year - Winner

• 2017 Small Business - Finalist


Inside Small Business Magazine Small Business Leader Awards

• 2017 TOP 50


NAWIC Crystal Vision Awards

• 2014 Small Business - Winner


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