Featuring .. Judith

Name : Judith Miller

Role : Postal Officer & Forklift Driver

Location : Brisbane 🇦🇺

Brief role description/main responsibilities :

Sorting parcels into their appropriate destinations; unloading and loading trucks (forklift); running out product to the contract drivers; general office duties (including processing complaints); ensuring mis-sorted parcels are processed adequately and sent to their correct destinations.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

The forklift driving is the most enjoyable as it gives you a sense of control, as is learning new roles and responsibilities

How did you get into your role/industry?

I got in through being a Christmas Casual and performing well. This got me in the basic parcel sorting role, but I had expressed an interest in learning more, which has since given me a forklift licence, different processing skills and computer skills. My company provides its own training.

Have you won any awards or earned any special recognition? :

I won a safety award in 2019. This year I was invited to view a different facility and encouraged to participate in the next women’s mentoring group in which management train up women into the workforce.

Do you have a favourite saying or quote? :

Focus, pace myself and be nice to others.

Tell us a funny story about your role or an amusing experience at work :

There are always amusing things going on at work, like the time one of the staff members brought in a tiny banana because she was proud of what she had grown. The jokes which followed had us all in tears from laughter (and continued for a few days after).

What advice would you give to women? :

Give it a go. Just because it is traditionally a ‘man’s world’ or male dominated field, does not mean that you can’t.

Have you ever encountered any negative experiences that, although difficult at the time, may have helped shape who you are today? :

I can’t think of anything majorly negative but there are always difficult times, and these come when processes change, or we gain a new staff member. Or I change shift times. Everyone of these helps to grow me as a person. Each time requires adjustment and learning something new. Sometimes it is patience, sometimes it is a new computer program, sometimes it is just learning to hold my tongue and not say anything negative. Some people at work have difficulty changing and have not grown in their position in the entire time that I have been there. I think it is important to grow.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to deal with is the people, and during these times the best course of action is to be polite, hold back any bad comments and try to help them the best I can.

Any feedback or comments about your she wears :

These shoes have been the best ones I have ever worn. My company supplies boots but they tend to be men’s shoes which take a couple of weeks to wear in, never last too long and are boring black. She wear shoes have been comfortable from day one, and I was able to be fitted via messenger on Facebook. The sizing was accurate. I love that time was taken to help me get the right pair, which I now love. The fit is great, they hold up well to the work I do and keep my feet safe. I also love the fun colours available.

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We asked Judith to be involved in our recent brand marketing shoot to represent women in logistics and freight. You’re a legend ~ thanks Judith x

Stacey Head
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