Introducing … Amy


name : Amy Eden

role : Co-founder, Eden & Wade

Eden & Wade design & build furniture and restore vintage & retro furniture. Amy and Ruth provide interior design consultations, design, fitouts and project management.

Amy is a committed community volunteer at the Manoora Community Advisory Committee and co-ordinator of the Manoora Community Garden (North Qld). Amy gave a fabulous TEDx talk about leading the charge towards positive change in a community healing from an unthinkable tragedy. For Amy’s talk .. head over to :

brief role description :

Anything and everything in running a small business. You’ll find me on the computer, on the sander and Ruth (my business partner) and I have joked that we could get jobs as furniture removalists… we are very skilled at loading the and strapping the ute now!

what is it about your role you enjoy?

I really enjoy the variety of the role – because it’s only Ruth and I we do everything and no two days are the same. I also really enjoy hearing the nostalgic connection and stories people have with their (furniture) pieces.

what advice would you give to other women wanting a role similar to yours, a woman wanting to get into your industry or a woman wanting to start her own business.

Believe in yourself. Build a strong network of people around you (this may mean getting out of your comfort zone and joining a women’s business group, or a mums on the go group, or a networking group). Don’t underestimate the value of your ‘elevator pitch’ – nailing this will increase your confidence in your business and also means that others will learn it (by hearing it) and be able to spread your message accurately. And lastly, only settle for 100% quality – it’s your name and your business.

tell us a funny story about your role or an amusing experience you’ve had.

Ruth is the chaos and I am the organised, yet we compliment each other. We are both horrendous singers, yet we sing in the workshop and laugh about everything. Laughing and singling is a great stress release.

We also enjoy pulling up to a workshop with a few men watching on as we have to reverse a trailer into a tight loading area.. and we nail it! ha ha

do you have any comments about being a female in a non traditional industry?

There are always those that will judge you, just do what you do really well and you will earn respect. Ruth and I consider it a privilege to be a positive role model, not only to our kids but to other young girls. We can do anything! It is empowering.

any feedback or comments about your she wear boots.

Ruth and I wear pink boot and pink work singlets; you may have guessed that pink is a favourite colour. But we also wear pink intentionally to challenge the everyday stereotypes about women in trade.

Every time we go to the hardware store someone stops us and comments on our boots. We are now locally known as the ‘girls in pink boots’. Our business is very much about functional style – and our pink boots represent that.

any other comments you’d like to share.

Pay it forward. Share your knowledge and skills. Group your support network. Lead by example.

“Elevating other women is actually an act of self-interest: it’s not so lonely at the top if you bring others along” – Shalane Flanagan, New York Marathon Winner.

More information on Eden & Wade can be found on their FB page …
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