Introducing … Tracy


Tracy is one of our awesome New Zealand customers!

name : Tracy Taylor

role : viticulturist

brief role description :

I look after all NZ contract grape growers – their contracts as well as advising them how to grow the grapes, technical Viticulturist to company Vineyard Managers, manage harvest intake, manage national grape supply.

what is it about your role you enjoy?

I have a blend of being indoors and outdoors (especially on fine days) walking around vineyards. I enjoy relationship management which is a big part of my job. I have a role in making wine. The NZ wine industry is very collegiate – we actively share ideas, experiences and science between wine companies and I enjoy that.

how did you get into your trade/industry/role? what did you study or how did you learn your skills? :

I studied 2 degrees concurrently over 4 years – Bachelor of Viticulture and Bachelor of Wine Science. I did work experience in different wineries and vineyards throughout my study years and through that generated a network in the industry, so found full time employment after I graduated really easily.

have you won any awards? have you earned any specific recognition or been involved in something “out of the box”? :

I held the record for 10 years as the first NZ student to be awarded a gold medal for a wine that I had made. I wasn’t a one trick pony as I also was awarded 2 silvers as well.

what advice would you give to other women wanting a role similar to yours, a woman wanting to get into your industry or a woman wanting to start her own business.

Study hard and understand the science of growing grapes as well as relationship management. Work hard, be dedicated and tenacious. Don’t let knockbacks affect you – pick yourself up, learn from the experience and carry on – roll with the punches. Set goals and review them – all the time. There should always be an end goal/s. Don’t put too finer timeline on achieving goals though. Be flexible. Don’t treat jobs as life sentences – the path to success is often a crooked one. Take what you can from the experience, there is something to be gained from everything.

any feedback or comments about your she wear boots.

I love my boots. They are so comfortable and lightweight and I love the colour – pink. I get compliments everyday.

Cool statistic … 46% of NZ wine industry’s workforce is women! 🙂
Stacey Head
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