Introducing … Sarah

Name : Sarah Campbell

Role : Senior Process Engineer

Brief role description :

As a consultant I provide technical support to my clients in the operation of their processing plants.

What is it about your role you enjoy?

As an expat, I love working with and learning about other cultures. The biggest satisfaction is improving plant performances whilst training local staff.

How did you get into your trade/industry/role? What did you study or how did you learn your skills?

I have a degree in Minerals Process Engineering with 16 yrs post grad experience. I also grew up in the gold industry with my Father managing gold mines throughout my growing years, being exposed to this I developed a keen interest to carry on.

Have you won any awards or have you earned any specific recognition or been involved in something “out of the box”?

At uni I won the best thesis prize for my faculty and A class honors at the University of Queensland. Most of my career has been out of the box. I have commissioned mines in Tanzania, Laos, Kazakhstan and worked throughout Australia in both production and technical sales and design roles.

What advice would you give to other women wanting a role similar to yours, a woman wanting to get into your industry or a woman wanting to start her own business?

Go for it, don’t be deterred by a male dominant industry but be prepared.

Do you have a favourite saying or quote?

When things get tough I always say – I’ll put my big girls pants on and it will be fine!

Tell us a funny story about your role or an amusing experience you’ve had.

There are so many from working in non-english speaking countries or where it is the second language. My first arrival into and trip to site in Kazakhstan was (when I look back) funny. I boarded an old soviet train in negative 30 degrees, and all I knew was I had to get off in 4 hrs. it was a double bunk cabin and 2 kazak men came into my cabin. They looked strangely at me knowing that I was not local. Neither could speak English and my Russian at that stage was non-existent, after realising I was alone they translated – am I scared? A thought that hadn’t crossed my mind until then…. 4 hrs later and long story short by the end of the trip I had spoken to their wives and sisters, google translated our way to friendship, shared vodka shots with kiwi fruit chasers (not to get drunk I was told – to celebrate new friends). We even exchanged gifts.

I arrived first at my stop (no station the train just stopped on snow covered and deep tracks) it was pitch black snow blizzard. The rest of the story was NOT funny at all and quite scary, so I will leave it there!

Any feedback or comments about your she wear boots:

OMG I absolutely love my she wear boots. Working in Africa I bought the limited addition leopard boots and everyone loves them! They are so comfortable, and I really need a new pair already. One of the sites I work at, the General Managers wife was visiting and asked me to buy her a pair. (she lives in South Africa) I pointed her to your web site to see if there is anything else she wants.

Any other comments you’d like to share:

I also bought the bamboo socks and eve pants – absolutely love them to bits!! Need to extend my pants to a navy pair! I have jean and black so far.

Stacey Head
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