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Shoe heaven for hospitality and retail workers

Long days. Hard floors. Or Slippery floors. Or all of the above. If you work in hospitality or retail, your feet and legs get stressed and tired on the daily. Not to mention the possibility of a nasty slip or fall!

We've served up a range of certified work shoes to keep you comfy, supported and safe. We truly believe they'll make a huge difference to your day!

A recent study in the UK found slips were reduced by 40% and falls by a whopping 50% when the correct fit-for-purpose shoes were worn.

Our work sneakers are independently tested and certified to the highest slip resistant rating to keep you safe and help reduce the risk of injury.

Meet our newest team member! The stylish She Supports is as good as her name suggests - she's super charged to deliver genuine wellness for your feet and whole body. 

Making service with a smile just that much easier, the She Supports is packed with sciencey-smarts to give you max support, minimum sole-stress plus supreme comfort. All day. Every day. Future you is also pretty pleased about the easy clean leather! Get ready to transform your work life (and they're pretty darn cute for off duty too!)

P.S. She Supports is sold with a FREE Adapt Pack. It allows you to customise your fit, style and comfort just how you like it!



As told by your friends and colleagues ...


Road test by a podiatrist ...

3 days of road testing she wear’s everyday work and play shoe, the She Supports!!! And the only thing that has changed in 3 days is my socks. I have not taken these babies off my feet!

Not only are they SUPER comfortable but they look pretty smart with my work pants.  I’ve been in them for 9 hours a day for the last 3 days and the only issue I’ve had is I’ve scuffed them up a bit (this is why I can’t have nice things!). Lots of my patients have commented on them as well. Everyone from nurses to courthouse workers to day care workers.

They have a really nice balance between being supportive where it’s needed and being soft and comfortable where they should be. Plus they have leather uppers so are safe to wear in most workplaces. And the other night it was raining when I came home and it’s the first time in ages that I haven’t done a weird spider-in-roller-skates dance when I hit the slippery tiles in my foyer so the tread is nice and stable.

KRISTEN STONE - Hunter Podiatry Services


More choice, cushion and comfort


She Cares Black

A wider toe box to allow for swelling on long shifts. See ya scrunched toes.

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She Nurtures

Water resistant, easy care leather in all black for strict uniform policies. (Plus a roomy toe box!)

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She Cares Red

Super lightweight with a roomy forefoot to protect against pain all day long.

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Work wellness is everything

I love my new shoes. Thank you for them - they will last for a while. I will be sticking with she wear from now on.

ADELE - Verified Buyer 

We craft women's work shoes very differently. That's why lots of lovely ladies like Adele swear off other brands - for good. Our unique shoe DNA is built on health and safety first. We made this commitment as one of our founding principles, along with a pledge to create long-lasting shoes. And you've told us loud and clear, that's why you're not going back to any other sneaker brand. 

Strong Foundations

she wear shoes for retail, hospitality and front of house workers offer genuine ALL day, EVERY day support thanks to the clever triple-layered sole structure. We put a lot of sweat and soul into every design to ensure each work sneaker delivers genuine goodness. Here's how we raised the work comfort game: