Welcome to our new site! pre orders are now available for our stock arriving on 21 may. please note, you must pay at the time of ordering. if you have purchased other items, entire order will be dispatched once the stock has arrived.

a quick update :

* This shipment sees the restock of green and pink “she can” and also the introduction of black “she can”.

* The “she can” design has slightly altered .. we now have 7 lace up eyelets, which covers a mining requirement on some sites.

* Our products are now independently certified by leading third party certification company, the Benchmark Group (BSI).

* There has been a small increase in price on our incoming stock, which we have kept as minimal as possible. Please note, we have not increased the price on our “she does” range or the existing “she can” 6 eyelet lace up.

* we are working on our new range which we hope to release in July. We will be introducing a pull on style boot and also introducing the colours of purple and electric blue.

* We are looking to restock our “she can” claret red boot in approx 4-6 months. We are trying to bring this forward, so please refer to our regular newsletters and Facebook page for updates.

* We are now retailing a waterproofing/cleaning kit, with products specially designed for use with nubuck leather.

Stacey Head
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