The Best Shoe Brand for Women in 2022 
    she wear

    1st August 2022

    When it comes to workers safety shoes, women finally have options. (Seriously - back when she wear started, we were the first and only women specific steel toe shoes in the Australian market!) However, it’s often difficult to find that perfect pair of lace up work boots that fit like they’re crafted just for you. She wear is the best shoe brand for women in 2022, offering incredible options in comfortable work shoes Australia and beyond.

    Why people love us

    Our customers love us because we offer something for all women! You can find everything from black sneakers, elastic sided boots to lightweight safety shoes Australia in one place. Some other reasons we’re a customer favourite are:

    Comfort: We are certain you will find the most comfortable working shoes for women suitable for a variety of industries and needs.

    Good fit: Women and men’s feet are anatomically different so we design our work shoes and work boots “from the ground up” for women. This means they are designed to fit the shape and contours of a woman’s foot correctly, comfortably and safely.

    Variety of colours: We offer a rainbow of colour options like jet black, rich vintage brown, khaki, imperial purple, hot pink, claret red, and cheetah print. Who says functional shoes or boots can’t be stylish?

    What the media says about us

    We have been featured in Business Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald, Remodista, Australia Mining, The Courier Mail, Safety Solutions, The block, Femeconomy, Shaynna Blaze and they have all said the same thing – “[they] love the quality of our product and think it’s the best, globally!” They believe that now despite the wide availability of appropriate footwear in the workplace, there are very few shoemakers that can compete with she wear in terms of quality, design, and pricing. The media agrees that we combine support, comfort, good fit and functionality – the three most important qualities people look for in footwear!

    What makes us proud

    We’re known as the best brand for women’s shoes and people love our consistent customer service and the free returns and exchange policy we offer! We offer unbeatable quality and price even against large work boots retailers such as Bunnings, Kmart, and Target. We are a top choice for fashionable and fit for purpose safety shoes for women in Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand. 

    Recycling and sustainable shoe production process at the she wear safety boot warehouse

    One of our best customer success stories

    Ashley, one of our earliest customers, is now a regular at our store. “These safety work boots do not require so much maintenance and can tackle a bit of abuse as well! I love that I don’t have to worry about wearing them to work every day and end up with sore feet!” she says.

    Does the boot fit well?

    Not to brag, but we believe she wear’s great reviews and reputation speak volumes. We are proud to say that the majority of our customers find she wear shoes or safety footwear that fit them perfectly. Our low rate of returns and refunds of just 5% is a testimony to our quality and commitment to comfort and a great fit! The footwear industry averages returns of 25-30%!