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    Women’s Boots

    Safety boots are designed to provide additional protection to the feet and are commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing and engineering. These boots are typically made with durable materials such as leather, and feature safety toe caps that provide certified protection against impact and compression. Safety boots also have additional safety features such as slip resistant soles, heat resistant soles, anti static or electrical hazard protection. Safety boots are designed to meet safety standards set by regulatory bodies and are typically rated according to the level of protection they provide.  All of our safety boots are certified to strict international standards.

    Non safety, fashion or lifestyle boots, on the other hand, are designed for everyday wear and are fashionable and stylish, yet functional and practical. Our she wear lifestyle boots come in a variety of styles, from ankle boots to knee high boots and are made with different materials such as leather or natural vegan rubber.  It's functional fashion at its best!