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In Her Shoes series : Imelda

Featuring … Imelda Thwaites


Name :                                         Imelda

Role :                                            Car Paint Maker & Owner, Automotive and Industrial Paints Ltd

Brief role description : 

Making car paint and eye matching, supplying to boat painters and industrial paints.  I travel around Southland, NZ quite a bit dropping off paint as well.

What is it about your role you enjoy? :

The people .. plus it’s very challenging when you have to eye match colours.  This means you have to look at a panel and decide which colours need to go into it to make it.

How did you get into your trade/industry/role? :

I didn’t know anything about automotive paint, but I filled in for a guy who was having an operation about 20 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since!  Now I own and run my own business.

What advice would you give to other women  :

The biggest thing is to give anything a go.  Don’t listen to anything negative.

Do you have a favourite saying or quote? :

Why wait for tomorrow, when you can do it today.

Tell us a funny story about your role or an amusing experience you’ve had :

When I first started, I had a car painter come in to order some paint.  He told me “women can’t mix car paint”.  So I took him out the back and made the paint in front of him and said “right, well .. I just did so what are you going to say now!”.

Any feedback or comments about your she wear boots :

They are so comfortable!  I’m so glad there is a place now women can buy decent work boots and work wear.

To find out more about Imelda’s painting company, check out Automotive and Industrial Paints Ltd on facebook.



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