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About she wear

The why

The motivation that started us in 2013 is the same today ~ ensuring women are comfortable in work footwear designed specifically to fit correctly and comfortably.

Our founder, Stacey, suffered a nail-through-the-foot incident (whilst wearing inappropriate footwear) on one of her property development building sites in Brisbane back in 2011.  She searched far and wide for women’s specific work boots and was astounded at the lack of choice for women.  Only finding “unisex” options that were heavy, ill fitting (and just plain boring), Stacey set out to design and develop a range of work boots specifically for women.  With a bit of style to boot!

Stacey launched she wear to market in 2013 as a home based, boot strapped start up (pardon the pun!) and at launch, offered just 2 styles in 3 colours. Since those early days, a huge amount of research, due diligence and feedback from customers has enabled us to develop our designs to ensure utmost comfort, support, functionality and fit. Now in 2020, we offer multiple women’s safety boots styles in 10 colours and have re-engineered that same all day comfort, durability and support into other styles of footwear such as work shoes for the health, retail, education and hospitality industries, and functional fashionable footwear.

Our mission

• To design and craft quality fit-for-purpose footwear specifically for women cradling the foot
for maximum support and comfort, whilst maintaining a stylish look and feel •

• To inspire women to follow their dreams and pursue their passions •


We strive to produce quality footwear designed to withstand long hours of wear, without affecting comfort levels and to keep you supported and your body healthy. We only use superior materials known for their durability.


We design our footwear to ensure they are suitable for your needs. Underfoot support in footbeds, anti leg & foot fatigue materials and quality shock absorbing soles keep you comfortable for longer.


Men's and women's feet are anatomically different. We design our footwear to cradle the shape of a woman's foot with support and contours in all the right places. No men's or "unisex" footwear here!


Our footwear is fit for purpose. Our footwear will support you, but just as importantly keep you safe and protected no matter what you do. You need a safety cap boot? Or slip resistant sole? We have you covered!

The how

We are Australia’s only female-founded and female-led safety and work footwear company focusing solely on the needs of women’s fit for purpose, functional footwear. We offer the most safety and work styles for women and introduce new collections each year using advanced technology and processes in our designs, to ensure utmost support and comfort for you, our customers. Our Founder is still our footwear designer and Stacey ensures our ranges are uniquely she wear and we design for women “from the ground up” .. no men’s designs around here!  

We are proudly Australian owned & operated, our HQ and warehouse is located in Brisbane and all our she wear products are designed here in Australia. Our safety and work footwear is tested and certified to the tough Australian/NZ (AS/NZ) standards. Several of our safety and work ranges are also tested to the European (EN) and American (ASTM) standards. 

We retail a full range of workwear and PPE for women .. with the ethos we refuse to offer a man’s fit or size as a solution, which is common within the safety and workwear industry.  We only stock quality workwear designed to fit women correctly and comfortably.

Why compromise on style, support, comfort and fit? Purchase products designed by women, made especially to fit and look good on women.

Our ethos

• To inspire women to follow their dreams and pursue their passions •

• To share our own business journey and your stories, to empower other women and young girls to know they
can achieve whatever they dream to achieve ~ “you cannot be what you cannot see” •

• To treat everyone with respect, and fully commit to our belief of equality, diversity and inclusivity •

Brilliant customer service

Our customer service and fit expert team are here to help you find the perfect she wears for you. We can offer advice on anything from the best fit for your foot type or body shape, to caring for your new footwear.

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Giving to our community

As a small Aussie business, we believe it important to give back to our community. We have donated over $60,000 worth of product and cash to deserving individuals and charities and are currently supporting RizeUp.

our community engagement

To inspire women

To share our own small business story and the journeys of incredible women who are achieving their life goals through hard work, tenacity, resilience and dedication. "You cannot be what you cannot see."

our inspiring women series

Ethical manufacturing

To ensure our dedicated factories and manufacturing partners and suppliers are committed to high standards of compliance and certifications, whilst treating staff and our environment with the utmost of respect.

our manufacturing information

Quick facts about she wear

Did you know …

  • she wear is the only female-founded, female-led and female-owned company in Australia manufacturing safety and work footwear
  • We are the only Aussie company designing, manufacturing and retailing safety footwear JUST for women.  When we say our footwear is “designed by women” .. we mean it!! #puttingwomenfirst #designedbywomenforwomen
  • Our Founder, Stacey, could not source a decent pair of work boots to fit her correctly or comfortably back in 2011 when she was property developing (so we kinda know what’s important)
  • We were the 1st Australian company to introduce multiple coloured work boot options to the market specifically designed for women, and our boots were launched and worn by the female contestants on “The Block” in 2014
  • Our footwear is designed “from the ground up” for women by our Founder .. ie. we do not use a man’s design or range and “girl it up” like some of the other companies do!  We now offer over 30 footwear options, specifically for women.
  • We believe you can combine comfort, support, quality, durability, good fit AND style in footwear.  And who says work shoes should be boring?? (leopard anyone!)
  • We only use Gold Rated” leather in our footwear which is certified by the Leather Working Group. This ensures our tanneries are reducing their environmental impact by using less energy, less water, less and better chemicals, as well as taking care of waste and effluent in a responsible way.
  • We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our footwear sizing is as spot on as possible and we base our size guides on over 6 years of customer feedback and data.  We receive only a very small percentage of returns (in fact only on average 4%, well below the industry average of 25-30%).  However as we all do have very different feet, we offer exchanges or refunds on full priced items should you not be entirely happy (you won’t be stuck with a credit you may not use!).  We want you to love your she wears! ❤️
  • We retail a full range of workwear and PPE for women.  We do NOT stock men’s fit or unisex, because you know what .. unisex clothing or footwear does not exist .. it’s just a man’s size! 
  • We are absolutely staunch against women being offered men’s clothing as a suitable alternative. We are strong believers in supporting other women.  “You can’t be what you can’t see” so we love to share our customer’s stories to inspire, motivate and empower others.  Read stories of inspiring women #womeninspiringwomen
  • Due to the  fabulous feedback we receive on the fit and support of our safety footwear, we launched into the work footwear market.  We re-engineered our safety boot into an every day sneaker suitable for health professionals, retail workers, hospitality staff etc.  And also the perfect all day, everyday sneaker!

Our awards

ORIAS FINALIST 2019 Best Small Independent Retailer



Outstanding Small Business



Global Innovation Award



Women2Watch in Business Disruption


TOP 3 2017

X-Factor & “Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia”



Entrepreneur of the Year



Specialised Small Business



Named as One of Australia’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders


TOP 3 2016

X-Factor & “Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia”


TOP 3 2015

X-Factor & “Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia”



High Growth Potential Start-up



Achievement as a Business Woman

Supporting our community

To read how we support our community and various charities, please click here.

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