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The she wear concept was born due to the underwhelming options for women working in specialised fields, roles, and trades who require compliant good quality safety footwear. Between 2006-2012, our Founder, Stacey property developed and project managed renovations around Brisbane and searched for functional and comfortable, yet stylish work boots for women (particularly after an unfortunate incident on one of her builds).

She searched far and wide and was astounded at the lack of choice for women. Options were extremely limited .. safety footwear was heavy, ill fitting, designed to fit a man’s foot and just plain boring! After much research and development, due diligence, planning, prototype building (and lack of sleep!) she wear’s first range of safety work boots designed and styled for women, along with a range of other matching workwear accessories, was launched in October 2013.

Our Brisbane HQ Showroom

Stacey Head
she wear founder/managing director

We have come a long way since our very first range in 2013 and we now release a new collection each year and use advanced technology and processes in our designs. Our Founder is still our footwear designer and Stacey ensures are ranges are uniquely she wear and we design for women “from scratch” .. no men’s designs around here! 😉 We are proud to be the original women’s pink safety boot in Australia!

We are proudly Australian owned & operated and all our she wear products are designed in Australia. Our safety footwear is tested to comply with the tough Australian/NZ (AS/NZ) standards and are independently certified by the BSI Group, a leading third party certification company. Several of our safety ranges are also tested to the European (EN) and American (ASTM) standards (as specified on individual products). Purchase knowing this .. and also purchase knowing you are paying for quality and more importantly, quality that looks great.

We offer the most choice for women. 10 colours .. 7 leather safety footwear styles, 3 leather non safety toe options and 5 options in our rubber gum boot (wellie) collection. Why compromise on style? Purchase products designed by women, made especially to fit and look good on women.

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10 quick facts about she wear!

Did you know 🧐

  1. she wear is the only female-founded, female-led and female-owned company in Australia manufacturing safety footwear
  2. We are the only Aussie company designing, manufacturing and retailing safety footwear JUST for women.  When we say our footwear is “designed by women” .. we mean it!! #puttingwomenfirst #designedbywomenforwomen
  3. We launched because our Founder, Stacey, could not source a decent pair of work boots to fit her correctly or comfortably back in 2012 when she was property developing (so we kinda know what’s important 😉)
  4. We were the 1st Australian company to introduce multiple coloured work boot options to the market specifically designed for women and our boots were launched and worn by the female contestants on “The Block” in 2014
  5. Our footwear is designed “from the ground up” for women by our Founder .. ie. we do not use a man’s design or range and “girl it up” like most of the other companies do.  We now design and manufacture over 30 footwear options for women
  6. We believe you can combine comfort, quality, durability, good fit AND style in footwear.  And who says work boots should be boring?? (leopard anyone 🐆)
  7. We’ve worked really hard to ensure our footwear sizing is as spot on as possible and we base our size guides on over 5 years of customer feedback.  We receive only a very small percentage of returns however as we all do have very different feet, we offer exchanges or refunds on full priced items should you not be entirely happy (and you won’t be stuck with a credit you may not use!). 
  8. Due to customer requests, we now retail a full range of workwear and PPE for women.  We do NOT stock men’s fit or unisex, because you know what .. unisex clothing or footwear does not exist .. it’s just a man’s size!
  9. We are strong believers in supporting other women.  “You can’t be what you can’t see” so we love to share our customer’s stories to inspire, motivate and empower others #womeninspiringwomen
  10. We launched our 1st brand ambassador programme in 2019 and are honoured to have 10 fabulous women who represent she wear in the many industries our footwear is worn


We are a multi award winning business!

giving back

As a small Aussie business, we believe it extremely important to give back to our local communities and charities.  We have donated over $30,000 to charities around Australia.  In 2014, we released a specially designed limited edition boot for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and donated $10 for every pair sold.  We also ran a campaign with Buy a Bale where $10 for every “she will” boot sold was donated to this awesome charity who focus on assisting our farming communities who are suffering one of the worst droughts on record.

For 2 years, we were very proud to be involved with 3 fabulous charities!  Between May 2015 and July 2017, $10 from every pair of our “she achieves” style sold was donated to charity between .. and you chose the charity closest to your heart! ♥ The charities we chose to support were NBCF, RUOK? and RSPCA Australia.

In 2018, we donated 50 pairs of boots to RSPCA Qld for their staff and volunteers to wear in their animal shelters.

We are proud to be a Femeconomy approved company

The global consumer economy is valued at $35 trillion and women’s spending accounts for $28 trillion. 2/3 of all the money spent in the world is by women. Your collective purse power is bigger than the emerging economies of China and India put together, twice over. This is the power in female hands, in your hands. You are the female economy. Your purse power can move gender equality into hyperdrive. If you purchase from brands with female leaders. $28 trillion is a lot of bargaining power.

The criteria to receive Femeconomy’s badge of approval is to have at least 30% women on the Board of Directors, or 50% female ownership (she wear is 100% female founded, led and owned.)

Around 1500 brands are listed on Femeconomy and to date, over 800 receive Femeconomy’s badge of approval. Check to see if your favourite brands are Femeconomy approved to advance gender equality with every purchase. Click here to go to the Femeconomy website.