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The versatile all day sneaker 

You're on your feet all day, for days on end.  Whether it's on duty at work, or off duty at play (or off duty doing chores 'cos we know #life!) .. you need a supportive shoe to give you the all day, long term support you need, and deserve. So we built a sneaker to transform your whole day ... and your whole life. Literally.

The She Supports protects your full body health all day, every day by cleverly limiting impact on your lower body, while promoting proper foot and leg alignment. This science backed goodness radiates outward, helping your hips, back and posture. It also assists in the fight against pain and joint problems, now and into the future. Meanwhile, the hidden support comes stylishly packaged in a sleek leather outfit, in multiple colourways.  She also comes with a nifty (free) Adapt Pack so you can get comfy .. and stay comfy!  Good lookin' and smart, the She Supports is an ALL DAY super heroine. 

white stylish women's sneakers
black work sneaker
navy comfy sneakers for women

Meet the Adapt Pack. A smart little bag of tricks to help transform your shoe world.

We created this value packed freebie, standard with every pair of She Supports, just coz we think you deserve it. With options to instantly convert the She Supports to a slip on with elastic no-tie laces, or shield you from friction with heavenly helpers like gel comfort pads, and inner sole options to suit different foot widths, there's loads to love. Learn how to use all the bits and pieces here.

Made for female feet

Lots of big-brand sneakers are still designed on a men's foot mould - even their women's shoes. That means your lady feet and legs are definitely not getting the right support. Meanwhile, over at our design HQ, we obsessively craft every she wear shoe on a foot mould designed for a female foot.

Made for ALL DAY support

Built on a foundation of shock-absorbing, fatigue-zapping, long-lasting goodness over three levels of sole structure, she's super-charged for a FULL day on your feet, and ready to cushion you against any kind of hard floor. She also delivers best-in-class slip-resistance.

Made for long-wear

With responsibly sourced Gold Rated leather and ultra durable sole materials, she's there for the long haul. Our values are simple - we make comfy, supportive shoes that last a long time, because your health, your budget and sustainability are things we take super seriously. 

Made for work, play or both 

Intentionally designed to be an everyday wardrobe winner for whatever's on the agenda, she'll stylishly transition from your shift to Sunday brunch or office to evening outings. Combined with the Adapt Pack goodie bag, your comfort, fashion and fit options are (almost!) endless. 

Colour your world 

The white moves

The white sneaker trend has cemented itself as a mainstay and we're here for it. Offering a super easy way to transform any outfit to laidback luxe, she's the new fashion staple for every wardrobe.

Or take on your work week right with fresh feels in super comfortable, and supportive kicks. From the office, to retail and resort workers, or if you've got a mum-list of a billion things to do, the white She Supports is ready to walk you from work to weekend and whatever in-between.


Back to black

For those in hospitality, nursing or health services, teaching, childcare and hairdressing, we know how essential a supportive, durable black sneaker is. This is a great one. 100% of the time.

At clock off,  you've also got yourself a classic-cool style hero to pair with skinny jeans, or as a cute base for colourful outfits.  


Navy on the daily

From corporate to casual, or nursing to nights on the town - navy is ready to go where you go, with a pop of pizzazz. The red and white sole detail, plus the sleek profile, make our navy She Supports a front runner for style. And with mountains of hidden inner support and comfort, you'll be navy in love.


Even more oooohhh!

Orthotic friendly

The hidden depth in each She Supports means you can replace our inner sole with your orthotic without causing fit issues.

Best in class anti-slip rating

Built with an independently tested and certified slip resistant sole to the highest SRC rating, for your added protection.

Independently certified

With certification AS 2210.5:2019 for occupational shoes  - check with your accountant as your new kicks may be tax deductible! 

Responsibly sourced leather

Our Gold Rated leather is responsibly sourced to ensure eco-conscious production, and careful disposal of waste during tanning.

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