With Australia’s regional communities straining under one of the country’s worst droughts on record, it’s time we get behind our country cousins and lend a hand. she wear has proudly joined forces with Buy a Bale to provide hay and donations to help farmers feed their livestock and families during the drought. Funds raised will be immediately allocated to either hay for farmers with animals in need or to the Farmers Card for farmers who need to buy the essentials to keep their families together and fed. please help us to help those who are in need. $10 for every pair of “she will” pull on boots purchased during the month of may will be donated to buy a bale. Or you can donate directly to Buy a Bale through the link below.

By making your donation through Buy a Bale you can be assured that your funds are channeled directly into rural support services. Donations towards hay will be allocated to the farmers in greatest need. Buy a Bale hears from over 20 farmers per week on their plight. Donations for groceries and gift cards are immediately allocated to farmers who hold the Farmer Cards, a prepaid debit card to cover the essentials for life.

Stacey Head
Tagged: She Values