Cassandra Horan


Name: Cassandra Horan

Role: State Manager, MEGT (Australia) Ltd

Location: Qld, Australia

If we had to step into your shoes (pun intended 😜), what could we expect a day in your life to feel like? 

I lead an extended team of approximately 60 staff who are dedicated apprenticeship experts. We work across the state to promote the benefits of apprenticeships and traineeships, conduct sign ups and then work in conjunction with all parties to ensure we can assist getting those trainees and apprentices right through to completion. My days are filled with internal and external enquiries, meetings with clients and potential apprentices or trainees, liaising with government, industry bodies and other stakeholders and ensuring my team are supported.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The individual’s apprenticeship or traineeship journey is rewarding every time, no matter how many apprentices or trainees you come in contact with. Whether it’s someone starting their career, a change of direction or a minority group (like women) getting a start in a non-traditional trade. The stories are really inspiring! I (we) literally change people’s lives!

How did you get into your industry? How did you learn your skills?

Like lots of others, I left school, went to Uni and realised it wasn’t for me. I commenced a traineeship working for a Registered Training Organisation and worked my way through the Vocational Education and Training Sector to bring me to where I am today. The traineeship I commenced when I was just 18 changed my life and I owe my career to that starting point. That’s why I’m so passionate about traineeships and apprenticeships today.

 Cassandra Horan MEGT apprenticeships

“I’m a firm believer in… “if you’re not happy with something, fix it”. In all aspects of our lives, we should do whatever we can to control our own destiny and happiness.


What advice would you give to other women?  What are some tips you’d give to other people in the industry?

 I’ve come to realise in this industry and after rubbing shoulders with some of the most incredible and inspiring women tradespeople that… women really can do anything! If you’re considering a trade or a change of career, no matter what industry or role, go for it!

Have you ever encountered any negative experiences that, although difficult at the time, may have helped shape who you are today?

During my career I’ve encountered a lot of doubt due to my age and gender. It honestly just made me work harder and be more determined to do a great job. As a leader now, it’s made me appreciate and understand that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. That age, sex, race and religion to name a few, have absolutely no bearing on someone’s capability.

Do you have a favourite saying or quote, or mantra that you live by?

I’m a firm believer in… “if you’re not happy with something, fix it”. In all aspects of our lives, we should do whatever we can to control our own destiny and happiness.

How do you feel about your she wear boots?  Any comments you'd like to make?

I LOVE my she wear boots. They are so comfortable but also, I get so many compliments on how great they look! 

Thank you Cassandra!  

You can connect with Cassandra via LinkedIn or if you're interested in an apprenticeship, check out MEGT.

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