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2019 she wear brand ambassador : Rachael

Rachael is a licensed builder and company owner/director of Front Porch Properties. In Rachael’s previous career, she was a classical pianist (just a slight career change there ;)) and owned a music school!  Rachael also loves to give back and she currently serves with the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Assistance Relief Team, where they are on call to respond to disasters around the world. #womeninconstruction #womenintrades #volunteer

Introducing .. Rachael

Name :            Rachael Turner

Role :                Licensed Builder & Company Owner/Director

Who do you work for and what does your role entail  :

I am a licensed builder and I love the construction industry!  I build and renovate beautiful homes in Brisbane with my awesome team of carpenters.  My role entails running the business, including overseeing house design, running construction sites, communicating with clients, managing back end business.  My time is roughly 50% split between spending time on site with my carpenters and trades, and 50% off site working on house designs and handling administration.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Every day is different, hectic, fun, rewarding! I love the challenge of solving a difficult renovation problem and coming up with creative solutions. Its also great being able to manage my time, outsource my weakness and spend time in my own ‘genius zone’.  Because I am passionate about the construction industry and believe there should be more women in the industry, a good portion of my life is dedicated to spreading this message.

How did you get into construction?  How did you learn your skills? :

I was formally a classical pianist with an odd obsession with construction. So I made the career change!  I completed a Diploma in Building and Construction, as well as gained 4 years of project management experience before applying for my builders license. I got my license in 2016.

Have you won any awards? :

I was the Master Builder winner 2019 & 2020, and the 2017 Vocational education winner at the Queensland Training Awards. I am an ambassador for VET and the ‘face’ of Tafe QLD for their summer marketing campaign 2018, which involved TV commercials, billboards, buses and other media. It was also great being on Open Homes Australia earlier this year.

What advice would you give to other women looking for a career in construction? :

If you don’t know anybody in the industry who perhaps can give you a head start, I’d suggest doing a cert 1 in carpentry at Tafe or perhaps a Try-A-Trade to find out what you really like.  Also, take some serious risks to follow your dreams!  Most people are happy staying within their comfort zone and sleep walking through life, but I believe you need to take some risks if you want to achieve something great in your lifetime.

Do you have a favourite saying or quote?

“Aim for significance, not success”
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit”
“If you get knocked down 7 times, just get up 8 times”
“Risk takers are the world changers”


Tell us about an interesting or difficult experience you’ve had :

One of the hardest learning experiences (right at the beginning of my career) was when I got in some serious trouble with the QBCC before I was a licensed builder. I had to pay some hefty fines and was taken to court!  TIP: Do not do carry out any building work without the right license!

If you’d like to see Rachael’s beautiful classic renovations,
head over to her Front Porch Properties insta account
or to hear more about her career, watch the following YouTube vid :
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