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Our custom crafted magic Premium inner sole, designed specifically for women's feet, is crammed full of anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing, alignment-correcting goodness to keep you comfy (and pain free!) ALL DAY!


Shoe Size (AU/EU) 5/36


Size Guide

General Size Guide - Womens Shoes

To select your she wear size you can use your everyday shoe size (sandals, pumps etc) as a guide. Or the best bet is to measure the length of your foot and compare your measurement with our Size Guide below. We do encourage you to measure your foot length, as women’s feet can change dramatically due to pregnancy, age and menopause. Plus if you’ve been wearing another boot brand, it’s usually based on a men’s size, so the fit won’t be accurate for your female foot. Our quick video shows you how easy it is to measure your foot!

The Size & Fit information on each product page also provides our expert Fit Tips to guide your size choice, especially for different foot types, like wide feet.

21.6 5 36 3
22.5 6 37 4
23.5 7 38 5
24.1 8 39 6
25.1 9 40 7
25.8 10 41 8
26.5 11 42 9
27.6 12 43 10

This size guide is not valid for “She Can” original work boots or “She Reigns” gum boots.


While our size guide is based on seven years of customer feedback, we’re all built a little bit differently. That means fitting shoes is never an exact science! Our 30 Day FREE AU Returns gives you peace of mind that if something isn’t quite right, you can opt for a different size or refund*.

* This size guide and measurement tips are provided as a reference only - we cannot guarantee sizings. Please be sure to read the full terms and conditions of our 30 Day Free Returns offer on the Returns page.

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Why We Made This

We’re on a mission to reinvent “good” in women’s work shoes, so it was a no-brainer that we needed a custom-designed inner sole to support a FEMALE foot.

Huh? Let’s break it down - many boots and work shoes worn by women are often based on a male foot mould. Yep, even those shoes labelled as women’s sizes. That means the inner sole is also designed for a male foot. But science whizzes have discovered that men’s feet are waaaaayy different to female feet - we have more slender ankles, narrower heels, higher arches and a broader forefoot. So wearing men’s stuff means we’re not comfy or supported.

A signature she wear Premium inner sole will cradle, comfort and support your female foot contours - plus the goodness radiates out, so your legs and back feel the benefits too! Another big win is the PU (polyurethane) material - it’s the secret sauce to keeping the bounce in your step. Other shoe brands opt for inner soles made from EVA or foam, which actually flattens under pressure. That’s why PU is a true hero - it doesn’t compress underfoot.

Designed to support

Designed to support

Super powered for ALL DAY comfort and support.

Breathable material

Breathable material

Lush, comfy velvet mesh topper with perforations to promote air flow.