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Podcast with Stacey and Glenn Azar founder of “Building Better Humans Project”

I was extremely honoured to be asked for a chat with Glenn, founder of “Building Better Humans Project”, Adventure Professionals and Project 180.  We chat about how and why she wear began, our footwear, authenticity in marketing, business, renovating and how important it is to just get out there and give it a go!

Click here to listen to the podcast

Glenn and I had a great chat and he really is a legend.  He is a former soldier, kickboxer, boxer, PT, Registered Nurse and professional boxing trainer. He is currently an Adventure Leader and Director for Adventure Professionals and owns Project 180, a gym in Newstead (Brisbane).  Glenn’s daughter Alyssa was the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest (at 19 years old). Alyssa is also the youngest woman to Summit Mt Everest from both the North and South sides after successfully reaching the summit of Mt Everest from the North Side (Tibet) at just 21.

If you want to check Glenn out, head over to :

~ Stacey x

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