We're for women, people and the planet

Your backstage pass to us - what we believe in, what we're built on and why we make bloody good shoes.

For women

Women need (and deserve!) great work gear - but our choices are severely limited. The stuff that's commonly available is usually made for men, doesn't fit us correctly, frankly isn't as safe or as supportive as it should be. *sigh

So, we decided to shake things up, and reinvent *good* for women at work Woo! Greater options, better fit and superior safety all in the one space, made especially for females. And better still, a FUN place for ALL women, regardless of size, age, ethnicity, ability, identity or sexuality. 

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For community

Using our voice and our resources to create real change, through direct donations or charity partnerships, is something we’re super proud of. We love being part of the collective movement for the better. 

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For respect, diversity & inclusivity

Most women have experienced the gender imbalance. So we know what it's like to feel excluded, overlooked and undervalued. 

We think it's pretty darn 💩 and vowed no one would feel excluded on our watch. We launched 7 years ago showcasing real women from all walks of life getting $h!t done. And it's still the same today. Every woman you see here is cast from real life, of every age, size, ethnicity, identity, ability and sexuality. They represent mums, mechanics, morticians, miners and all those making their mark in "non-traditional" industries, or working bloody hard in "traditional" spaces.

We embrace the authentic. We celebrate you, the way you are. This is your space. And her space. And her's. And their's.

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For ethical supply

Our shoes are custom designed in Oz, and carefully crafted in international factories specifically selected for their fair work and ethical practices. This ensures staff have safe and fair working conditions, respectful management, and receive above average wages.

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For sustainability

Throughout our manufacturing processes we always choose, where we can, superior materials with the least environmental impacts like responsibly sourced and certified Gold Rated leather and OEKO-TEX® certified organic bamboo.

We're focused on reducing supply chain wastage, recycling wherever possible and greenifying our processes to minimise our footprint.  Nearly all of our satchels and packaging is made from recycled materials and we re-use, re-purpose or recycle all packaging that comes into our HQ (that's why you might just get some random vacuum cleaner box as your packaging ha).  

We’re also keeping a very close eye on sustainable material advancements that will comply with strict global compliance policies because your safety is our utmost priority .. and we need to ensure our footwear is up to the task.

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