She wear isn’t just about work … our footwear is worn by our fab customers in so many different ways .. travelling, working, hiking, camping, 4WDing, riding, travelling .. just to name a few.  Our footwear truly is for every day life!  If you want to do it in comfort, you’ll want to do it in she wear! 😉



are men’s and women’s feet anatomically different??

They sure are!  Have a read here to find out why and how we are making women’s feet more comfy!

Our leather safety
& work footwear

Our safety footwear range is tested to comply with the Australian/New Zealand standard, AS/NZ 2210.3:2009 and our non safety (soft toe) leather work boot range complies with AS/NZ 2210.5:2009. Our footwear range is certified and audited by third party certification company, BSI Group, to the Aust/NZ standard.  We manufacture our footwear in our dedicated factories offshore and our Founder and independent certifiers regularly visit the factories to ensure standards compliance and just as importantly, to ensure staff are working in good conditions and treated with respect.

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Our PU/rubber and TPU/PU sole styles .. “she achieves”, “she does”, “she strives”, “she inspires” and “she moves” are all tested to comply with the European standard, EN20345:2011. Our “she achieves” and “she does” are also tested to the American standard, ASTM F2413-11.

All our styles are designed to fit women correctly, comfortably and safely and are designed in house at our Australian HQ by our Founder/MD. We do not produce any women’s footwear based on a man’s style, design or size .. we design our own ranges from scratch and have come along way since our launch in 2013! We manufacture using modern technologies and materials to keep our customers safe and comfortable. We have several styles to choose from and features include (refer to individual footwear styles for specific information) :

  • Genuine nubuck leather, full grain leather, crazy horse leather or action leather upper
  • Rubber (goodyear welt construction),PU/rubber lightweight or PU/TPU lightweight sole
  • Super comfortable
  • Women’s fit and design
  • Safety footwear : steel or composite toe cap (further information on the difference below) and non safety (soft) toe style
  • Slip resistant soles
  • Anti static
  • Oil and fuel resistant soles
  • Acid resistant soles (“she achieves” zip lace up and “she does” hiker)
  • Water resistant upper (all styles except original “she can” and original “she will”)
  • Heat resistant soles (certain styles only as specified ~ contact us if you are unsure)
  • A specially designed lining to keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable
  • Our sole~mate© polyurethane and gel inner sole for comfort, wearability and foot support (standard in “she achieves” zip lace up, “she does” hiker, “she strives” and “she inspires” pull on, “she moves” sneaker ranges). Inner soles are also available for individual sale.
  • Poron™ and Eva technology in the midsoles to alleviate foot and leg fatigue (“she achieves” range only)
  • Padded tongue

Please note, images on our website are indicative of products only and features and colours are subject to slight variation.


If you are a woman on your feet and moving, you need comfortable, quality shoes .. and that’s our specialty! Our footwear is worn for a variety of reasons by our customers .. working, walking, hiking, travelling, camping and just because! If you are on your feet or walking distances, we suggest to choose our PU/rubber and TPU/rubber soled boots, as they are lighter in weight and more flexible through the sole.


sole ranges

We offer 2 styles with PU/rubber soles. The soles consist of a polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole. Excellent grip, wear resistant properties and heat resistant up to 300°C are some of the features. The mid-layer of the sole is a shock absorbing material.

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Our top selling “she achieves” zip lace up is one of the lightest safety boots on the market so suitable for any type of role or activity (average weight only 550g per boot). We have also manufactured this style with an anti leg and foot fatigue material inbuilt into the sole to ensure complete underfoot comfort.

Our “she does” hiker style range is also very popular with our customers!  Due to the upper design on the “she does” range, customers with very wide feet prefer this style (most styles are suitable for narrow all the way through to wide feet).

Full specs on product pages.

ladies work boots


sole ranges

We offer 3 style options in our PU/TPU ranges.   The double density sole consists of a polyurethane midsole and elastic thermoplastic polyurethane outsole. The mid-layer is a shock absorbing material and the outsole has good abrasian resistance.

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Our “she moves” sneaker, “she strives” pull on and “she inspires” pull on are suitable for women in all types of roles/activities and are extremely comfortable and lightweight.

Full specs on product pages.

rubber welted sole ranges

We offer both safety and fashion boots in our welted rubber soles.  The upper part of the shoe is shaped over the last and fastened on by sewing a strip (also known as a welt) to the inner and upper sole. As well as using a welt, stitching holds the material firmly together.  Rubber is a very shock absorbing material.

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Our “she can” and “she will” rubber welted sole boots are also very comfortable and very popular but are more of a basic work boot. If you are on your feet all day, we would suggest to wear our PU/TPU soled styles.

Our fashion ranges (“she works” and “she leads”) are also very popular and are lighter than the safety range.

Full specs on product pages.

But don’t just take our word for it!
Just some of our customer’s feedback …

Them new boot feels. She wear the most comfortable steel caps I’ve worn in 18 years #womeninconstruction

My boots after a year of hard work 6 days a week. They are fantastic, so comfortable great on my back. They are not heavy like men’s steel caps, I can’t recommend them enough. The best women’s work boot ever.

Greatest boots, best socks. Perfect.

My she achieves are awesome! Got mine for abseiling, very comfy and supportive. Traipsing around up north with them so they double as hikers. Can work & play in them. 🙂

Best boots ever!! Wear them 8 hrs a day and never get a sore back! #bootsfromheaven

I bought the safety sneakers they are the most comfortable shoes for walking in. I love them!!! It’s hard to take them off and they look fantastic on.  Love the gum boots too great value for money.  Will be buying more for sure.

Absolutely loving my new she strives… so comfy and looking cool too. 😊


Product Features:



All our footwear styles have removable inner soles and are suitable for orthotics.

Our custom made sole~mate© inner sole helps makes our footwear super comfortable! Made from polyurethane (PU), gel, foam and mesh, our inner soles are anti bacterial with perforations to promote air flow and ventilation around the foot.  

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Our sole~mate© inners have a supported, cradled heel and good arch support with gel inserts under foot to assist with shock absorption and foot fatigue. Our inner soles are also anti static.(This inner sole comes standard in all our PU/rubber and PU/TPU sole ranges.) Inner soles are also available to purchase separately.

In addition to the sole~mate© inner sole, our she achieves zip lace up range comes standard with Poron™ and EVA pockets inserted into the mid sole (under the ball of foot and heel) for additional comfort and to alleviate foot and leg fatigue.This is why the she achieves is THE choice for women walking and standing all day.


Steel and composite safety caps are tested and certified to the same compliance standards and there are 2 formal tests that both safety caps must perform to .. impact testing to 200 joules and compression testing 15Kn pressure at a set speed.

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There is considerable confusion in the industry and some do presume steel caps are required when it comes to safety footwear. However, this is not correct .. we do urge you to check your company’s requirements as more often than not, composite safety caps are more than sufficient. Choosing the safety toe that best suits you is really dependent on your role so we suggest to research what will suit you best and check your company’s OHS requirements, particularly if you work in construction or mining. We are more than happy to offer assistance, so please contact us if you need any further clarification.

Advantages of composite toe cap ~

  • Tested and certified to AS/NZ , EN and ASTM standards (impact and compression resistant)
  • Lightweight ~ significantly lighter than steel cap
  • Metal free
  • Airport friendly
  • Electrically non conductive (more suited for electrical use)
  • Extreme temperature resistant ~ insulative against heat and cold

Advantages of steel toe cap ~

  • Tested and certified to AS/NZ, EN and ASTM standards (impact and compression resistant)
  • Better puncture resistance (eg. nail gun)
  • Better cut resistance (eg. power saw)

QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE (full details are on individual product descriptions) ~

Composite cap styles ~ she achieves zip lace up / she strives pull on / she moves sneaker

Steel cap styles ~ she does hiker style lace up / she inspires pull on / she can lace up / she will pull on

Non safety styles ~ she works lace up / she leads pull on / she reigns gum boots / junior by she wear kids boots


With the majority of our ranges, we use high quality nubuck leather which is a top-grain raw hide leather giving strength, thickness and resistance to wear. It is a particularly fine leather that has been lightly sanded on the grain side and therefore been given a satiny character. It is ideal for footwear because it remains water resistant for a long time after waxing.

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Nubuck leather is extremely supportive and is a good choice for tough working comfort. It is a much hardier/tougher leather than suede as it’s the external hide, whereas suede is the internal side of the hide. We only use nubuck leather in our footwear range (except for the “she achieves” black which is a full-grain {ie. glossy} leather, “she inspires” which is a beautiful vintage look crazy horse leather and our “she strives” which is action leather).

Our brown “she inspires” pull on safety range is produced with crazy horse leather which is extremely durable & strong and is made by applying a wax to the already smooth, full grain leather surface.  The wax enhances the fibres of the leather and when they are scratched or rubbed, the natural colour of the leather changes its hue and gives it a distinctive and unique vintage look.  Crazy horse leather has extra water resistant capabilities due to the wax surface. Scratches, marks and irregularities are features of this leather. It is called crazy horse leather as it’s a popular leather for saddle manufacturing (it doesn’t come from horses!).

Our limited edition leopard print “she strives” range is produced with action leather.  This leather is pressed or rolled smooth and the hide is then laminated with a thin layer of PVC to protect the print.  This leather is durable and has good water resistant qualities.


Our entire leather footwear range (both safety toe and soft toe styles) is tested and certified slip resistant under the Australian/NZ standards. NB. No sole compound will be entirely non slip or slip resistant in every environment.  Some of our ranges are also tested slip resistant to the European and American standards.

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If you need footwear with a high level of slip resistance, look for the highest slip rating, SRC. Our “she achieves”, “she does”, “she strives”, “she inspires” and “she moves” ranges are rated SRC.


Tested to be slip resistant on a ceramic wetted tile contaminated with a diluted soap solution


Tested to be slip resistant on a smooth steel surface contaminated with a diluted soap solution


Passes both SRA and SRB testing (ie. highest level of protection possible under AS/NZ standards)

Sole technology

(“she can” & “she will” safety ranges, “she works” & “she leads” fashion ranges)

A traditional method of manufacturing which provides a boot that will give :

  • Anti static properties
  • Comfortable with shock absorbing properties
  • Excellent insulation against cold and heat
  • Slip resistance (AS/NZ standards rated SRA)
  • Resistant to most fuels, oils, acids and chemicals
  • Heat resistant to 300°C (HRO)
  • Good shape retention
  • Easy to repair
  • Durability

(“she achieves” and “she does”)

  • A lightweight, shock absorbing polyurethane (PU) midsole which cushions impact and assists with leg and foot fatigue
  • Hard wearing rubber outsole
  • Extreme comfort
  • Heat resistant to 300°C (HRO)
  • Anti static
  • Excellent slip resistance (highest under Aus/NZ standard – SRC)
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Resistant to most fuels, oils, acids and chemicals
  • Poron™ technology and EVA in the midsole for additional comfort and specially designed for those on their feet all day (excellent for leg, foot and lower back fatigue) – “she achieves” range only

(“she moves”, “she inspires” and “she strives”)

  • A lightweight, shock absorbing polyurethane midsole which cushions impact and assists with leg and foot fatigue
  • Hard wearing TPU (thermo plastic urethane) outsole providing superior grip
  • Extreme comfort
  • Heat resistant to 130°C (HRO)
  • Anti static
  • Excellent slip resistance (highest under Aus/NZ standard – SRC)
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Resistant to most fuels and oils
  • Long shelf life
  • Good abrasian resistance

For information on caring for your boots, please click here