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Not just good looking, but comfy as well!

We receive fabulous feedback on the comfort of our women’s work boots!  We understand the needs of women .. not only do we want to look good, but functionality and comfort is just as important.  And that’s what we’ve done .. created a safety boot that’s different from the boring rest but made sure it’s super comfortable in the process.

We do sometimes get some comments “just because I’m a female in a man’s job, why do I need to stand out?”.  It’s not about standing out .. it’s about having the choice to look and feel feminine but wear footwear that is made to fit women .. PROPERLY!  That’s what the she wear concept is all about .. choice.

Following are some comments we’ve recently received ..

Never before have I had a pair of boots that were so comfortable, no need to wear them in, walking better than I have in decades. Wore them out today for the first time, walking to the bus, walking around Nth Melbourne Institute of Technology and still no issues! I cannot stress how happy I am with my she can emerald boots. The achilles issues I usually have, just aren’t there. Purple on the list next. And maybe later in the year either pink or electric blue Thank you so much.

I have been in the painting business for over 20 yrs and all my boots didn’t fit as I have a really small foot but my she wear Australia boots are the best.

Got my boots today! Love them. So comfortable!

Received my boots today, super fast delivery, thx she wear I LOVE them! Super comfy and perfect fit!!

I love my pink boots, best purchase ever!

They are no heavier than the high hiking boots I was wearing and I didn’t notice the weight. I have back and achilles issues, so getting good boots that are both comfortable and supportive is paramount. These boots couldn’t fit the bill more  If I sound excited, I am, coz they are pretty, but I don’t have a car, so walk everywhere.

My new green She Wear boots arrived today – love them!! Can’t wait to go to work now to wear them!



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