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Will I get blisters?

Blisters are never fun!!  Most of our customers tell us they don’t get blisters or have any issues, however with any new shoes, it is possible!

If you are prone to blisters or feel like your footwear is rubbing in a particular spot, purchase gel bandaids (rather than normal bandaids) and place one on the shoe in that specific area.  And naturally, one on your foot until you are completely comfortable.

If you are feeling slippage in your heel, this can also cause blisters.  Check the sizing is correct before you begin to wear as ill fitting footwear is a big cause of blisters.  Ensure your laces are always  tightened correctly (and then untied at the end of the day).  You can lace your footwear multiple ways which can help with slipping shoes.  Check out our care guide for further information.

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