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What are your company’s values and ethos?

As a female founded and female led small company in an extremely male dominated industry, we are very focused on our core values and ethos.

Our ethos ~

  • To offer women choice
  • To offer comfortable, quality products specifically designed for women
  • To inspire women to follow their dreams and pursue their passions
  • To share our own business journey and your stories, to empower other women and young girls to know they can achieve whatever they dream to achieve ~ “you cannot be what you cannot see”
  • To treat everyone with respect, and fully commit to our belief of equality, diversity and inclusivity
  • To manufacture with quality, ethically and responsibly sourced materials including Gold Rated leather and Oeko-Tex bamboo
  • To use environmentally packaging where possible, and re-use and re-cycle to reduce waste and our carbon footprint

To read more about why she wear launched and our values, please click over to our story.

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