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Do you manufacture non leather footwear?

Yes!  Our fashion gum boots (SHE REIGNS) are manufactured with rubber and our work sneakers (SHE CARES) are produced with a breathable mesh material.

At this stage, we do not manufacture any non leather safety footwear.  We have built several prototypes however as we pride ourselves on quality, we felt the materials currently available aren’t durable enough to handle tough working conditions and our strict quality assurance measures.  Most “vegan leather” is plastic and is actually more harmful to our environment and is also not healthy for feet (eg. non breathable).  We only use gold rated (by product) leather in our manufacturing which ensures a focus on sustainable, ethical practices within the leather industry.

We are closely monitoring advancements in non leather materials and look forward to being able to offer alternatives in the future.

For more information on our manufacturing processes, please click here.

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