2019 she wear brand ambassador : Chynna

July 03 2019

Chynna is the founder of “Recycled Racehorses”, a not for profit rescuing, re-educating and re-homing retired racehorses giving them a future and a life after racing. Chynna self funds the rescue by offering riding lessons and running a small farm. She also works as a TV presenter for Sky Racing and is an ambassador for Women in Racing.

Chynna was a junior show jumper who won numerous events and competitions. She was also a promising jockey however was forced into retirement due to a race fall and suffered a near death experience. She now has epilepsy and brain damage from the fall.

Chynna is a wonderful example of tenacity, fierce independence and sheer determination! We just love her story ♥ #womeninracing #notforprofit

Introducing .. Chynna

Name : Chynna Marston

Role :

“Recycled Racehorses” (NFP) founder, Sky Racing TV presenter, “Women in Racing” ambassador and former show jumper & jockey

A Day In the Life of Chynna :

“No day is ever the same which is awesome but slightly stressful trying to fit everything in.

My day generally starts off at the race track where I am either supervising on the track, watching people work their horses (and trying to catch them if they fall off!) or supervising the horse swimming pool. Again trying to catch them if they fall but also not go into the water in a Canberra winter…. These days start from either 3:45am or 5:45am. Both of these roles give me an opportunity to network, catch up on the goss, hear where people & horses are at etc. It gives me a great insight for my work on Sky. This is also prime location for my hustling! I do my blog posts and brainstorm ideas for social media as well as reaching out to feed stores and businesses who could help our NFP.

On a race day, I do my makeup at the track in a tiny hand held mirror, brush my hair in the hopes it will look somewhat decent and jump in the car to drive to the races. Myself and co-host cover races as far south as Corowa and Albury, coastal tracks like Moruya, Nowra and Merimbula as well as inland tracks like Wagga and surrounds. My awesome partner feeds the horses on these days so I can make a quick get away.

Once arriving I change and look over the race form to narrow down my selections. Each race I give my selections for the race, update any news and discuss relevant topics prior to the race. Following the race, I interview the winning jockey and discuss any issues we noticed.

This goes on all day with a minimum of 7 races on the program. Once all the races are done, I jump in the car and head back home. The races are generally 3 times a week so it feels like we are always on the road! But on the positive side it does give me a chance to think and come up with new ideas of our clothing line and marketing the items. It’s even better if someone else drives!

On a non-race day, I generally start the day by work at the track again. Once I finish, I jump in the car and head to our property approx 45 mins away. Once there I am go-go-go til around 5pm. Working horses, cleaning boxes, massaging, feeding and rugging. At the moment, I have 11 horses in work and 15 spelling so it is an enormous day. In this I also film my blog posts and go live as often as I can.

Saturdays are lesson days, or competition days. Lessons days are just that .. a day of lessons. I give riding lessons to 20+ clients each week. Saturdays are our biggest days, sometimes with 8 or so lessons at 1 hour each. This is how we afford to keep all the horses going.

I live in V’s and also live in my she wear boots, hence why I am so passionate about them! I need boots because I’m always around horses, in water, moving stuff and kicking things when they aren’t in place. And I am on my feet for a huge part of the day. I’m so sure all the she wear girls have done exactly what I have. Done things our young body could handle then gotten to 25 and realised we have the joint aches and pain of a 70 year old! Which is why I’m so thankful the support in my she wear boots support my old body! Haha”

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