We recently released our new Limited Edition Women's Safety Boot - the She Achieves in khaki. These popular women's work boots are already selling fast. In this weeks blog, we talk to she wear founder Stacey about the story behind the Limited Edition boots and the recent khaki release.

So Stacey, what is a Limited Edition Boot?

Our Limited Edition work shoes and safety boots are a "style" that is only available for a short period time. They are "Limited Edition" because we only ever do one print or colour run and once sold out, the style is not restocked - hence the "limited" term.

But why create a Limited Edition Shoe? Where did the motivation and idea for this concept come from?

At she wear, we have such a broad and diverse customer base, from farmers and lady tradies, to weekend renovators and gardeners. Prior to our first Limited Edition work boot we received many requests for different colours and designs. From a business perspective, it’s impossible to meet all these requests and because we don’t like to disappoint our customers, we looked for a solution.

By listening to our customers, we established our Limited Edition women's work boots collection because....we agreed with you! Functional footwear should also have style and a designer/fashionable element. Our Limited Edition colours and prints are therefore inspired by on trend styles in the fashion world. Now, together with our core range of 10 colours, we offer Limited Edition women's boots once or twice a year. 

When did you start releasing Limited Edition Work Shoes?

Our very first Limited Edition shoe was released for sale in 2015. The women's pink work boot were produced for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and were aimed at helping to raise money for their brilliant breast cancer research work.

In 2019, we released our first Limited Edition "print" boot. The women's pull on work boot in leopard print was intended to be a “one off” design. Again we received a wealth of positive responses - so much so that the penny dropped and we realised that our customer base loved the idea of something new, creative and exciting. Given the safety footwear industry has always been very traditional (and quite boring really!) we liked the idea of creating fun, and bringing happiness to an otherwise serious product.

After the success of both these initial designs, the idea of a regular Limited Edition style was born. Now, both our team and our customers get excited each time that a new Limited Edition work boot is launched.

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What colours and style have you released to date?

We have now released quite a collection of Limited Edition work boots (with more to come!). In our pull on chelsea style work boots (composite and steel cap work boots), we have released 2 prints - leopard and cheetah. The most recent style, our She Strives cheetah print, was released in January 2022. It nearly sold out during the pre order period and we now only have very limited stock left. Our purple She Inspires chelsea style work boot (now sold out) was a similar story.

In 2020, from our top selling women's safety boot collection, we released a gorgeous green charity work boot from the She Achieves range. This boot supported the amazing RizeUp organisation where we donated much needed funds to support women and children fleeing from domestic violence situations. A timely release when tensions in the world were high.

Our current Limited Edition safety boot, the khaki She Achieves, was released for pre order in April 2022. These boots meet the same safety standards as womens steel cap boots but with a composite toe cap, they are lighter and more comfortable for the wearer. These are now available for pre order, with a release date set for the end of June!

How did you select the most recent Limited Edition boot and colour?

We find inspiration for our Limited Edition work boots in many places.  We listen to our customer's feedback - yes, we take onboard all comments and requests! For the new khaki She Achieves safety boot, we looked at the fashion and textile trends in Europe and the USA. Based on these trends, we chose the khaki and red colourway - 2 trending colours featured across the New York and London Autumn/Fall Fashion Week catwalks.

These lovely autumnal colours are perfect for the outdoor work boot or safety boot wearer - from horticulturists, farmers, builders and archaeologists, to weekend gardeners, recreational hikers and more. The earthy, green tones look amazing in our beautiful environment.

What are your favourite features of the khaki She Achieves?

The She Achieves is our top seller, and one of our personal favourites for women's work boots. It is a great safety boot for all day, every day use not only for safety reasons (just like a steel cap work boot), but due to the comfort and support factor we also build into our shoes.

For the khaki colourway, we love the splash of red against the khaki leather, and the cream tonal soles. These collection of colours work beautifully together. As a bonus, khaki laces are also included in this collection for those who love the green tones without the pop of red.

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How can I buy myself a pair of the new Limited Edition boots?

All our Limited Edition boots are announced via our VIP newsletter and social media channels when they are first launched. Pre orders open not long after and give our customers a great opportunity to get in first before they appear in store.

Every Limited Edition boot on offer can be found on our website here. This gets updated when each new boot is available. You can see what is on offer, choose your favorite style, and purchase from our available range. But remember - don't wait too long to make up your mind because our Limited Edition boots sell out FAST!

When will you release the next Limited Edition Boot?

Well....we have some exciting concepts already in the works and can't wait to share these with you. For now though?! Our Limited Editions are a heavily guarded secret.

Our VIP newsletter subscribers get exclusive first access so to be the first to know about the next Limited Edition - be sure to sign up to our VIP newsletter list!

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Selena Rollason