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Inspiring Women series : Beth

Featuring .. Beth Name :          Beth Role :             Apprentice Carpenter, Blue Eco Homes Location :     Blue Mountains, NSW 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : As an apprentice carpenter, my main role is to assist the carpenter tradesperson onsite with whatever tasks are needed, whilst also learning and improving my […]

Women we should know : Beverley Nutley

Women we should know : Beverley Nutley In 1973, Beverley Nutley became Queensland’s (possibly Australia’s) first registered female builder. Beverley is a chippie by trade and has been working in the industry since before 1955 when girls were ‘not supposed to do that sort of work’. She started work in her father’s business in Yeppoon […]

Merry Christmas from team she wear .. and our year in review!

Wishing you and your families a very, very Merry Christmas! 🎄⁠ Thank you for your orders, piccies, lovely feedback and loyalty during 2020 .. we truly appreciate your support in what’s been SUCH an unusual year! ⁠ And what a year it’s been!! There have been many highs and many lows for us all, and […]

Inspiring Women series : Jodie

  Featuring .. Jodie Name :          Jodie Role :             Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Location :     Brisbane 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : I work in the contraception clinic providing patient care, education and assisting doctors with procedures.  I also do administration duties within the clinic. What do you most enjoy […]

Inspiring Women series : Jo

Featuring .. Jo Name :          Jo Role :             Train Driver Location :     QLD 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : Safely operate and drive the coal train from port to site, load the train and drive the loaded train back to port to be unloaded onto the ships which then […]

Inspiring Women series : Gabrielle

Featuring .. Gabrielle Name :          Gabrielle Role :             Registered Nurse in travel medicine Location :     Brisbane 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : Pre Covid : We prepare travellers for international travel, whether it’s for business or holiday purposes.  Many people now are travelling to the developing world, and need […]

10 tips on how to make your footwear last longer

10 tips on how to make your footwear last longer

At she wear, we want you to get the best life out of your safety boots and work shoes.  We only use quality materials in our footwear however as with any type of shoe, a little TLC goes a loooooong way in helping to getting the best footwear life span! We are often asked how […]

Inspiring Women series : Helen

Featuring .. Helen Name :          Helen Role :              Manager – NT Court & Tribunal Services, Federal Court of Australia Location :      Darwin 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : I manage all administrative functions related registry services for the Federal courts in NT and I am the delegated Admiralty Marshall […]

Inspiring Women series : Judith

Featuring .. Judith Name :          Judith Miller Role :              Postal Officer & Forklift Driver Location :      Brisbane 🇦🇺 Brief role description/main responsibilities : Sorting parcels into their appropriate destinations; unloading and loading trucks (forklift); running out product to the contract drivers; general office duties (including processing complaints); ensuring mis-sorted […]

Inspiring Women series : Sarah

Featuring .. Sarah Name :           Sarah Alhuwaidi Role :              Electrical Maintenance Engineer Location :       Kuwait 🇰🇼 What work do you do and what does your role entail? : In my start, I worked at Shuabah-Power station as an electrical maintenance engineer, so I developed safety […]

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